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henriQ 7th June 2005 09:12 AM

Not so new a topic, but...
i could not find an effective, immediate cure for my problem -- much less an
adequate explanation as per why it suddenly happens and taht's why i'm posting thishere and stating i'll appreciate any pertinent advises.

Subject: green reproduction of avis (dx50)

All of a sudden every and any avi (dx50 or div3 or xvid) i try to play with BSPLAYER turns to a paste of heavy greenish textures while, at the same
time they reproduce perfectly if played by VirtualDub and/or ZoomPlayer or
MediaPlayerClassic or Mv2Player or n.player.

Could anyone please advise on:

1 - What can i do to get rid of such a green plague that, apparently, affects Bsplayer ONLY.
2 - I'm a long term Bsplayer user and i remember that some while ago it
was a resilient player not so easily prone to such poor performances.
Was there a stouter version?
If so what was its' reference and where can i download it?
I'm growing sick and tired of the (recent) actual Bsplayer vulnerability or should i call it "overall unstability"? -- compairatively speaking, of course.

Thank you for your time.


adicoto 7th June 2005 06:37 PM

When playing a video file (DX5 or Div3) in filters menu what filter is used to decode the file ?

henriQ 8th June 2005 08:49 AM

Nothing in fact!!! - Look what they've done to mm'a song!...
No filter since it does not leads to any info whatsoever if you keep clicking in
the concerned tab it closes likew it should be a natural logic cause -> effect

My, my, look what have they done to my bsplayer?!!!

It used to be so resilient and performant, so reliable...Now is but a shadow of its past glory.
It turned "serious". Remember the good old days when the controversy on Divx was: is 4.12 realy better tha 3.11 LM ? While quoting Micro$oft greedy commercialism and restraining practices...

Now, just look at the Mayo gimmicks and all the fuss they implemment with every 'new' launching, since they got "Pro" and seriously 'marketWorthy'. Good grief!...
They say history always repeats itself...

Thanks for trying to help. I'll go and try to follw the path of so many others: download an older version.



BSPeter 8th June 2005 07:40 PM

(Problem could be caused by an older filter (e.g. ffdshow) or codec)
I think adicoto means (with video-file loaded!) filters under:
rightclick > Options > Filters > Advanced
(as also mentioned towards the end of item (4) of my Help2Help-post, a.k.a. "READ THIS FIRST BEFORE POSTING")

henriQ 9th June 2005 09:00 AM

Thanks BSPeter
Thanks i think my problem is solved, for the time being:
downloaded .501 version as advised in the initial 'help post' and reproduction became, instantly, excelent -- as it was in past:
NO problems with resolution, colors, speed, subtitling, audio -- no problems

Let me just add a final, for now, footnote: taking in consideration so many of the more recent hereby posts and my own ugly experience, it seems this
last 122. version is singularly prone to mishappenings and erratic behaviours,
wouldn't you agree?
Just a rethoric question, of course.



adicoto 11th June 2005 07:44 AM

I run on last build since it was released and no single problem.

BSPeter 11th June 2005 09:54 AM

Same as adicoto; no problems here.

Tizio 11th June 2005 11:11 AM

No problems for me too :)

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