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salazar 15th June 2005 06:44 PM

How to use : BSP_FRSizeLeft ?
I would like to know the width and the height of the movie and then to resize it.
I think i have to use BSP_FRSizeLeft, but i dont understand how ???

I am a novice in BSPlayer developement and all need you give me, could be very interesting for me. :lol:

Tizio 15th June 2005 09:44 PM

Do you know that BSP_FRSizeLeft is for the Full Screen movie window only? It doesn't apply to Normal movie window, but only when you are in full screen.

As I posted before if you want to resize the normal movie window you have to use these commands:
BSP_IncMovWin 99
BSP_DecMovWin 100

but they don't resize your window by 1pixel per time, but about 10pixels per time (I don't know the exact resizing step).

To know the Movie Dimension you have different choices:
- You can read it from the movie file (but I think it is not so simple since ifferent file types have MovieDimension stored in different places)
- You can (I think) use a Windows API to retrieve the MoviWindow dimension once you know the MovieWindow handle (if you use this metod you are sure that the dimension retrieved is the correct one)
-You can retrieve the dimension information directly from the VideoInfo window of BSplayer (also in this case you have to use API calls to retrieve the value that resides in the textbox near the "Video size" label)
- .....

I have no time to find the way to use them for you now, but if I'll have time in next days I'll post a reply

I hope this post could help you (even if it is poor of REAL details) :wink:

Tizio 16th June 2005 11:42 PM

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