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nukedood 24th August 2005 02:15 AM

How to make Japanese default audio stream?
I noticed that I could keep my last movie settings on by enabling an option, but my audio stream continues to reset to English. How do I change this? I'd like to have the audio stream set to Japanese all the time.


Tizio 24th August 2005 11:48 AM

Have you tried the option "Default audio stream" in Audio preferences (press CTRL+P then select Audio section)?
There you can set the default audio stream and/or the default audio stream lang code!

If that not worked for you, try using RafkeP's plugin: Audio Stream Patch (it will ALWAYS play the second audio stream in movies if present)

Bye :)

nukedood 24th August 2005 06:42 PM

I have indeed tried the default audio stream by typing in "jap" (default was "eng") and Japanese. Neither produced any results.

Thanks for the patch :)

nukedood 24th August 2005 06:50 PM


Apparently the audio streams are imported into BSPlayer from OGG so I don't think BSPlayer can alter anything. Is there anyway to set OGG audio streams to Japanese as default? :oops:

Tizio 25th August 2005 02:33 AM

I tried in different manners, and the only one working is to use BSI/INI files.
I created a .bsi file (eg.: "Movie.bsi") and wrote this strings in it:




where C:\MOVIE_PATH\ is the path where the movie is placed (if the movie is in the same folder as the one where the .bsi file resides, you only have to put a dot. eg.: Directory=.), Movie_Name.ogm is the file name of the movie.
For the audio info, I put Audio=4 since this is the list of Audio streams that BSplayer gave me:
Stream 1
-- Ogm streams --
Sound English
Sound Japanese

and the fourth line is Sound Japanese. If you have Japanese audio as fifth line, then put Audio=5 in the bsi file.

Note: to visualize the audio streams list in BSplayer, right-click on the movie window, then a menu will pop-up. Now select "Audio -> Audio streams" and there you can see which are your audio streams.

I hope this can help you, anyway I think that there is a bug in BSplayer, since if you set 4 as default audio stream in Audio settings, BSplayer should reproduce the fourth audio stream in the same way as you pass this info by bsi files...

Bye :wink:

nukedood 26th August 2005 12:25 AM

Wow. That's really cool, but unfortunately I watch loads of anime so I'd have to change the movie file name every time which is more of a hassle then right clicking>audio>japanese in the movie :(

However, that patch you gave me works for some anime series that I watch, but it automatically puts the volume down to 0 (mute) for some reason. Is there anyway to change that?

Thanks for all your help :)

Tizio 26th August 2005 01:07 AM


Originally Posted by nukedood
However, that patch you gave me works for some anime series that I watch, but it automatically puts the volume down to 0 (mute) for some reason. Is there anyway to change that?

Strange.. Maybe try to load a movie with many audio streams, then select them one by one and put the volume level to the max.
Once you have done this with all the audio streams, exit BSplayer, reopen it and try to use the plugin again..

I hope this could help you..

For the other issue I have no more suggestions.. If the ogg splitter doesn't remember the last audio stream selected the only way to fix the problem is to write a plugin/program that automatically selects the japanese streams, or to wait for a BSplayer fix. :)

RafkeP 26th August 2005 06:57 PM

@nukedood >
You mean my patch? I've never experienced anything like that, but it's possible.
I don't have any multilanguage files myself so I can't test it.

If you want (and if I can find my sourcecode again) I could add some code to turn the volume up to 100% after switching the audio stream.

Unfortunately the SDK does not allow me to check what language is currently selected so I can only cycle a fixed number of times.

Rafke P.

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