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Raven Lionheart 17th September 2005 12:38 AM

Xvid Problem x_x
Okay..I have just started using BSplayer..and I was just wondering about a problem I am having.

Each time I open up an Xvid file, BSplayer decides that it is an unknown file extension..and therefore won't let me screencapture. I have the newest Xvid codec installed..and I am pretty sure that I have the newest version of the player..any suggestions? o_o

adicoto 19th September 2005 07:53 AM

Could you post here the exact message ?

alamo 20th September 2005 07:56 AM

I just installed bsplayer136.825.exe tonight for the purpose of doing screen caps and have encountered this exact problem.

Whenever I load an XVID AVI, a popup appears. Title is "Warning", text is "Unknown file format (XVID)". The file then proceeds to play perfectly, though.

But I can press P or Shift+P until the cows come home and nothing happens.


alamo 20th September 2005 09:35 AM

Ok, finally by uninstalling and reinstalling things figured it out.

The problem was the ffshow video decoder (I think it was installed as part of a mkv pack I got with zoomplayer). After I uninstalled the Divx and Xvid codecs I was still able to play the video, so I went poking around in ffshow. I disabled xvid processing there and the popup disappeared. I had to reinstall Xvid to get the colors correct, but at that point screen capture worked. The forum "READ THIS FIRST BEFORE POSTING" helped me get my bearings on the codecs, so thanks!

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