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Xestrix 23rd October 2005 06:05 AM

Default OGM Audio Stream
Hello, I have BSPlayer Pro 1.36.825 and I'm having problems setting a default Audio Stream for OGG files. In all of the places where you can set a default, it only gives me the option of [1] Eng. I want to set it to default to Japanese instead. No matter what I do though, it won't give me any other options. They only way to switch to Japanese is to right-click on the player, [Audio], [Audio Streams] where it shows:

Stream 1
--OGM Streams--
Sound English
Sound Japanese

I can select Japanese from here and it works, but whenever I reopen the file or go to the next file in the playlist, it still plays the English audio and I have to switch it everytime. So, is there any way to set the default OGM Sound?

BSPeter 23rd October 2005 10:14 AM

  1. In the playlist you can define audiostream for each individual movie (in the righthand column)
  2. Under Options > Preferences > Audio you can define Default audio stream and Default audio stream (lang code)

Xestrix 23rd October 2005 10:25 AM


In all of the places where you can set a default, it only gives me the option of [1] Eng.
I've already tried both of those places and it won't work. It doesn't even give me options in the dropdown besides Stream 1 and Lnguage Code: eng

I've tried manually changing them, but still no good.

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