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Prisoner5710 5th January 2006 04:34 AM

Capture help (not asking how)
Now i have read the etire "Read this before posting" section, did a search on captures and read every single one of them, and looked in both the offical and unofficial FAQ section. So i can ligitimately say, i need help.

Ok this is a really simple question...

Before reading the defult "capture file name format" i changed it to say something else. What was it? If i restore it back to that original name will I be able to make multiple shots with out putting a new name each time? If so, what element does that?

E.g.: Say i put "car" as my default....i want it to show up as:


can i do that? i tried installing a #(along with many other things) but that didnt work either

BSPeter 5th January 2006 09:42 AM

If you put your mousecursor somewhere over "Capture file name format", a help-screen appears saying exactly what you wish to know, i.e.:

Format for file name:
%F  - File name (mymovie)
%E  - File extension (.avi)
%T  - Movie Time (hh-mm-ss)
%FR - Movie Time in frames
%TS - System time
%DD - Date day
%DM - Date month
%DY - Date year
%A0 - Auto number, with no leading zeros
%A1 - Auto number, with 1 leading zero (01,02,03...)
%A2 - Auto number, with 2 leading zeros (001,002,003...)

the default format is bscap%A3
which produces filenames bscap001 .. bscap002 .. bscap003 .. etc .. bscap500.

Prisoner5710 5th January 2006 04:51 PM

Ah, SWEET! Thanks alot dude! Youu rock :D

BSPeter 6th January 2006 09:20 PM


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