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karel 5th January 2006 03:21 PM

The latest 137.826 free version will not start
When I install the latest 137.826 free version, it will not start.
When I try to start it, I just see it minimized in the tray and when I click on it, the main window will not open.
The version 132.820 works OK. Have WinXP sp2.

Where can I find older versions of BSplayer (between 820 and 826)?

Thanks for help

Tizio 5th January 2006 08:38 PM

Try to delete the BSplayer.USER_NAME.xml file present in BSplayer folder before starting the app, and see if the main window appears!

To find previous versions take a look at BSPeter's stiky post READ THIS FIRST BEFORE POSTING, and somewhere you can find a link to almost all previous versions :wink:

Anyhow deleting the xml file once should do the trick :wink:

karel 6th January 2006 11:37 AM

Thanks for the reply, but it did not work. When I delete the file and start BSplayer, it creates a new one and that's all. No main window.

I was searching for older versions and found out, that old free versions up to 135.823 work without problem but the newer ones (136.825 and 137.826) do not (no main window after instalation).

adicoto 6th January 2006 03:17 PM

Did you try to press "H" ?

Tizio 6th January 2006 04:13 PM


Originally Posted by adicoto
Did you try to press "H" ?

I suggested him to delete the settings file to prevent such a problem, and because sometimes appened to me that the setting regarding Main window position was corrupted, and BSplayer placed the main window out the screen and neither using the Explorer's "Move" command helped..

Maybe try to edit the BSplayer.USER_NAME.xml file with Notepad, and change these lines as described:


    <PlayWinPos type="int">4294967295</PlayWinPos>
    <MainWinPos type="int">4294967295</MainWinPos>

edit this way

    <PlayWinPos type="int">0</PlayWinPos>
    <MainWinPos type="int">0</MainWinPos>

Note that 4294967295 value is only an example, probably you have different numbers..

It's only a suggestion, but I hope this time it will work :? :wink:

karel 6th January 2006 06:20 PM

Thanks for your ideas, but neither "H" nor changing the position helped.

But I found an interesting thing:

When I start the program from the desktop, I can see in the tray as well as in the TaskManager that the application is running, but I do not see the main window.

But when I start the program double-clicking on an AVI file, I can see both the main and the video window and everything works as it should.

I am quite perplexed.

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