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Mark Blue 10th January 2006 05:20 PM

Slight Seek Problem!
Hi Guys! First off I want to say how great of media player BS Player is! Super Great software! Now here's my slight problem. I really don't think this is a problem with the player itself, but here goes: Recently I have noticed my XVID videos were having a momentary pause when I used the seek bar to move foward in the movie. When I moved the seek bar ahead to the middle of the movie, I have been getting a noticable "Pause" before my movie resumes again. I did some checking and found out it was just my clips that have AC3 audio. I have reaaly never noticed this small glitch before when using the seek bar. Now one more thing to add to the equation, I recently intalled the AC3 Decompresser a few days ago, and that is when I started noticing the problem with the seek delays. I don't know if I need to tweak my filter priority, install/uninstall, or what. It isn't really that big of deal, I can deal with the slight pause, but it would be nice to get a fix on what is causing this. I am using the 1.36 version of the player. Also I switched skins a couple of days ago,(I have been using the same skin for a year), so I don't know if this might be the culprit that is causing this. Anyway, any advice or tips would be appreciated! Thanks!!

Tizio 10th January 2006 05:42 PM

Hi Mark Blue! :wink:
Never read a post with such a consciousness on how and why BSplayer started to have problems :shock: :)
Unfortunally I don't have XviD files with AC3 audio.. but it seems to me you answered all the questions by yourself (at least you auto-suggested few hints :lol: )
You can try to roll back to your previous skin, to uninstall your recently installed AC3 Decompressor, to raise BSplayer/Filter priority..

I saw you on the forum quite often in last two days, and now I know why (well, I think this was the reason :roll: ) :)

Try all this things (maybe it's better one by one) and let us know how your PC behave :wink:

Mark Blue 10th January 2006 05:59 PM

Thanks for the response Tizio! I will give it a go once again to see what the deal is. I guess I should start using MP3 sound instead of leaving AC3 audio when I encode a movie. I have just started recently to encode videos with avi.NET and have gotten great results with my encodes. I have been keeping the AC3 audio instead of converting the audio to MP3. The files are larger this way, but I do like the Ac3 sound! I do believe I will start converting to MP3 to see how that goes! Thanks again Tizio!! BS Player Rocks!!!

Tizio 10th January 2006 06:18 PM

I always encode audio streams in MP3 and I always had great results.. maybe try to use 192Kbit/sec instead of 128Kbit/sec with MP3 audio, but quality is really great! I've never tried with multi speakers systems, but I think that the quality/size ratio is really better with MP3s.. A friend on mine also pointed me to ogg encoding, but I never had time to try that :roll:

Take a look at that sita has a great guide section and the forum is full of expert users :wink:

Mark Blue 10th January 2006 06:38 PM

I always have kept my AC3 audio because I like the sound, but another reason is that It always plays in my Philips 643 stand alone player. I have heard and read horror stories from people that have trouble playing VBR MP3 audio on their standalones. Avi.NET is a cool software encoder being that their MP3 audio conversion is strictly CBR MP3 audio instead of VBR. I know alot of people haven't had any problems with VBR encoding, but I like to play it safe, especially after an all-night encode and then the thing won't play on my standalone! I am going to give Mp3 audio a try!! Thanks again Tizio for your tips!

Tizio 11th January 2006 12:48 PM

I never had problems with VBR encoded MP3s (I don't have a standalone player, but I tried my files on my friend's one)... So give it a try..

BTW I know how frustrating is to spend all the night encoding videos, and once the sun shines again find out that the file is not readable from the player :cry: :D

Bye :wink:

Mark Blue 11th January 2006 04:44 PM

I'm glad I'm not the only one Tizio! I have had a few mornings when I put the "New" disc in to play and it looks real good!, but wait!, there is no sound! Oh yeah, I forgot to Un-mute the player. Well, that didn't work, maybe I forgot to turn up the volume. Well, that's not it either! I finally came to the conclusion that my new disc was fried! What a way to start the day! Anyway, I have encoded a few chapters using 192 mp3(CBR) and my videos play fine in my Philips 642. I haven't tried VBR MP3 yet, but all indications looks like it will work on my SAP. My Philips 642 is a nice player! The one I had before gave me all kinds of fits. I believe the European version of the Philips player I have is 632, or something close to that product number. It is so nice to be able to throw in a CD ROm disc into my player and play my videos instead of going through the process of making VCDs and SVCDs.

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