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ska 2nd February 2006 01:54 PM

Multi-user capability missing
In thread there is a reply (2nd last one) "Posted: Sat Feb 28, 2004 1:27 pm It will be possible to have different settings for each user in next build." from bst (Site Admin).

About two years later I'm trying to use BSplayer free v1.3.7.826 in WinXP, install it as Admin, then run it as user. BSPlayer won't remember the settings.
There is an .XML file from the Admin user only in the exe's directory.

Do you have to do something special after installation in order to have Non-privileged users save their settings into %USERPROFILE% instead of saving them into the executable's directory? There is no option during the installation; or is this a Pro-only option? I do not see no hint on


Tizio 2nd February 2006 02:19 PM

The multi user thing is also for free version and works in this manner:
Every time a user starts BSplayer (well, once he closes BSplayer :P ) an xml file is created in BSplayer folder. If you have 3 profiles (i.e. Admin, Tommy, Gimmy) there will be 3 xml files named as follow:
And the settings will be saved respectively in the name's related xml file.

If the users can't access BSplayer folder for writing, then I don't think that the feature can work.. :? (try to allow access only to BSplayer folder)
Be sure that the xml file is not named as "BSplayer.xml" otherwise the same settings will be used for all the users!

If your other user profiles have write access to BSplayer folder, then try to delete the BSplayer.Admin.xml file and see if once a user opens BSplayer an xml file is created with his name or not..

ska 2nd February 2006 03:52 PM

You are right, but: we currently have 1500 users, it is no option to save any settings into BSPlayer's program folder at all.

Therefore I ask about:

Originally Posted by ska
to have Non-privileged users save their settings into %USERPROFILE% instead of saving them into the executable's directory

Frankly speaking, I'm surprised how many software claims to be compatible with WinXP, but still misses the simple fact, that even in the Windows environment the "Everybody-is-admin" time is gone.

Tizio 2nd February 2006 04:04 PM

Yes, you are right, it's a problem for such a high number of users!!
BTW there is a Feature/suggestion section for the improvements requests, so I'll add your question as a request for next BSplayer releases :wink:

take a look HERE

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