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Zike 31st December 2002 07:22 PM

Help with watching
This is my first post so please try to answe / enyone) Bsplayer works fine and everything warks fine but in some movies i see something like hm how to say. I see picture bute not wery well is something like u look at digital tv and there are some problems like some rendering or distorsion of picture and that comes lately a lot of times. I have pc 1.5 ghz 256 mb ram Graphic card is msi gforce titanium 4200 with 128mb ram so i think that it should be enough. And yes all movies i look from Hard disk not cd.


| 3rd January 2003 10:19 AM

Corrupted movies.
I think that if you see this only in some movies that these movies
are partialy corrupted it happens when you download them from
net and you know there might be some problems in connection or
transfer or something.

I saw some of these also some have this only occasionaly but
especially Ogg embeded avis were corruted all the time
it looks like little blocks are dancing all around having impossible colors
and place in some scenes like somebodys shadow got teared and
distorted and stays in place where it shuldn't be anymore.

Hope it helped you.

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