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krissy 28th March 2006 04:25 PM

Whenever I try to play a file and screencap it, the program freezes. Sometimes the file is still playing but unable to click on it, but usually it doesn't. I tried installing the new version, but it does the same thing. I also tried restarting the computer a couple times, which did nothing to help, either.

If I buy the program, will it stop doing this?

Tizio 28th March 2006 04:39 PM

You don't need to buy the player to make it work. :)
Thake a look at BSPeter's "READ THIS FIRST BEFORE POSTING" item (b) :wink:

krissy 29th March 2006 01:36 AM

I apologize for not giving the correct info.

I am using version 1.41 and I am playing .AVI files.

There is no error message. I can play a video file fine, but then I push "P" to cap and it freezes the program. Sometimes it will still play, but I am unable to click on anything so I have to manually close the program.

The files I usually use are xvid.

I dont understand anything else in that guide. I am trying to install a new directx to my computer. thats all I can get from that.

Thanks for any help. :)

adicoto 29th March 2006 04:05 AM

Hve you tried to change capture mode in option->preferences->general ? If you swich to YUY2 and cature format is JPG, does this change something ?

BSPeter 29th March 2006 07:19 PM

Item (b) of my Help2Help-post as referred to by Tizio reads:

Under this "heading" I've placed some "odd items" as well as some links to forum-posts that may be of interest to you.
<further introductory text deleted>
(a) Older/slower PC?; Previous BSPlayer-version(s)?; ffdshow?
<text deleted>
(b) I wish to capture screens, but ...
how .... cannot find
Default key is [P], but - if you so wish - you can redefine through right-click > Options > Preferences > Key definitions & WinLIRC (note seperate settings are possible for Windowed mode and for Full screen mode).
If you did not define any specific location (through right-click > Options > Preferences > General ...... the options re saving of screens are shown in the "south east" quarter) screen images will be saved in BSPlayer's installation folder (default name and format: bscap??.jpg)
Not working?
Experiment with different rendering/overlay modes
(rightclick >) Options > Preferences > Video > Video rendering
with a different setting of "Convert captured images in software" under
(rightclick >) Options > Preferences > General ("south east" quarter of the window)
(Depends also on your graphics card (and its settings and drivers)!)
Frame by frame?
Pause movie and use right (and left) arrow keys to step through the movie
(Depends also on the possibilities of the decoder/filter used!)
Other possibility?
Well, there still is the possibility offered by Windows: [Alt]/[Print screen]
followed by "paste" in a graphics package.
(Its working also depends on graphics card/overlay settings.)
What didn't you understand?

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