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Chride83 15th April 2006 12:58 PM

Help: Colored Dots On Right Side

I have a small problem, that I hope I could find some help for on your forum. And, let me assure you that I HAVE already used the search option with various keywords, but found actually nothing that corresponds to my problem.

OK, so, to the point; I have just upgraded from BSPlayer 1.39 to BSPlayer Pro 1.41 and when I start up a movie, the right side is filled with flickering coloured dots (green, blue, purple, red..). This problem did NOT occur in the old BSPlayer, but it DID occur in WMP on some of the same files that I played with BSPlayer. And now every avi-file I test with the new BSPlayer has these dots..they seem to vary in size, some are more like longer bars while on some files they're just like a column of dots.

Now I'm speculating that this is probably a codec error; so I replaced my old Divx and Xvid codecs with new ones and installed them in the order; XVid, DivX (I have no idea if this is useful), but it did not help, the dots are still visible.

If it helps, I have the following codecs on my machine:

- DivX 6.2 Bundle
- Xvid 1.1.0-30122005
- AC3 Filter 0.70b
- Morgan Multimedia

Thank you in advance for any help!

J7N 15th April 2006 02:49 PM

Re: Help: Colored Dots On Right Side
Try a different decoder like ffdshow in place of your XviD AND DivX libraries. I experienced a green line in the output of CoreAVC, possibly because the dimensions of my file were not dividable by 16. Libavcodec's output was OK.

Chride83 15th April 2006 03:50 PM

Nope, sorry. Didn't work..:(

Uninstalled the Divx and Xvid and installed a (quite fresh; 13-04-2006) version of FFDshow, but the lines/dots are still there, even though I used some tweeking guides to enhance the noise reduction and what not.

Tizio 15th April 2006 08:02 PM

Have you tried to change rendering mode in BSplayer Preferences -> Video?

Try to reregister quartz.dll
Probably this is a stupid suggestion, but to try it will not cause other problems.. :P

Chride83 15th April 2006 11:11 PM

Heheeeyy!!! It actually worked!! :D

I had the rendering set to "Internal Renderar Overlay (default)" and by changing it to "Internal Renderer RGB Mode" the dots disappeared!!

Thank you, you saved my future movienights! I was getting a bit to psyched out by those blinking lights there.. :)

Tizio 16th April 2006 11:16 AM


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