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adicoto 16th April 2006 05:58 AM

As my previous topic about DivX became a bug-report, I start a new one about DivX releases. So, here it is:

DIVX 6.2

Enhanced performance

The latest DivX codec now offers multi-threading support, giving you better performance on all HyperThreaded, dual core and dual CPU (SMP) systems. With even more advanced threading optimizations in version 6.2, it is now possible to get up to 350% better performance than DivX 6.0, depending on your system configuration and encoding setup. Only have a single CPU? Don't worry - we haven't left you behind. DivX 6.2 is faster across the board and also includes new optimizations for older processors. Don't know a CPU from C-3PO? Keep not worrying. You'll see performance enhancements whether you understand them or not.

Improved quality

DivX Pro now includes six carefully optimized encoding modes that allow you to balance visual quality and performance for virtually any application from live capture to video mastering. While taking longer to process, new quality-focused encoding options (like the accurately named Insane Quality mode) create the highest quality video possible, making them ideal for professional mastering environments and those who just like to show off. Additionally, new high-performance optimizations allow the codec to create significantly higher quality video from live feeds; perfect for PC-based digital video recorders and other real-time video capture applications.

Tizio 24th April 2006 01:00 AM

DivX 6.2.2:

• New :
- Improved B-frame decision.
- Improved rate control for very high bitrates.
- Improved Japanese encoder translations.
• Fixed :
- Fixed a problem where some systems would crash as the Psychovisual Enhancement method was modified in the encoder configuration window.
- Fixed a problem that caused cropping to reduce performance.
- Fixed an issue where adjusting the VBV_bitrate slider in the Feedback Window would reset the VBV buffer occupancy.
- Fixed a problem where the decoder would fail if both smooth playback and YUV output were enabled in the Decoder Configuration Utility.
- Fixed a post-processing issue in the decoder for multi-threaded systems.
- Fixed a handle leak in the decoder.

adicoto 21st October 2006 02:34 PM

DivX 6.4

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