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Ajia 27th May 2006 10:36 PM

Video being cut off?
Ok, so... I am having a problem here, and it may not be with BSPlayer at all, but I really need some help, please!

Every video I play has quite a bit cut off at the sides and top/bottom. I thought it was BSPlayer, but I am not so sure anymore. I tried another video player and it did the exact same thing. Any suggestions?

I have the nvidia driver, and maybe I screwed something up in its settings. What do you guys think?

Tizio 28th May 2006 12:16 AM

:? if you have the same result on other players I think you have few possibilities to find a solution..
In BSplayer you can try to press 5 (on the numeric pad) to reset the Pan&Scan zoom, but I think that this will not solve your problem.

Only other solution I can think of, is that you can try to change nVidia setting:
Enter video properties (right-click on your desktop -> Properties -> Settings), then press the Advanced button and select the nVidia tab. Now choose Overlay video settings and reset values to default (maybe you zoomed in the overlay surface).

I hope this will fix the cut off issue, but are you sure that the movie file wasn't already encoded without the four sides?

Ajia 29th May 2006 03:02 AM

Hey! Thanks for helping a guy in need, heh. I was playing around, and then tried your suggestion about the video card - That fixed it. I zoomed videos for some dumb reson.

Problem solved! thanks!

Tizio 29th May 2006 08:08 AM

:D glad to have been of help :wink:

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