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Dj-DuDu 21st August 2006 10:48 PM

Running Of Screen Edges in my HTPC
Hello to you all peapole , I have problem that bother for very long time ...

Which is :

When i view movie in BsPlayer in my HTPC ( Which Connected To My 29inch Tv) when i switch to full screen and return back to video mode the screen edges are runinig off like 1 inch in any corner , Now i did try alot of stuff to resolve this and some help like lowering the hardware acclerate
and it works , But now i see the movies in low quality and some kind of limping , So thats not a good option also i did test the problem with other players and it works without no problem in full screen and full hardware accelerate . So i supposed its some kind of function in bs ( i hope ) so if any one could give something that can help me about it i will be so greatful .

My bs player version is Pro 1.12 build 833

My pc is Amd athlon 1.5

Ram- 512 DDR 266

HDD - 200 GB WD 7200 Eide

V. Card - GF 4 Mx 440 64MB

Here is link of the TV and the edges out of limit .

Please Try To Help Me here . Peace ! ! !

Tizio 22nd August 2006 10:21 AM

And before going to full screen the edges don't exceed the video borders?
You can try to select the options Remember movie window size option in Video preferences (CTRL+P -> Video)

Dj-DuDu 22nd August 2006 03:49 PM

Dont Work !
Well il try to be more specific , First thx for your help .

Now when i says the edges run away its not only the video edges the entire desktop actully all the display is runing off from each corner as you can see in the picture , Now to fix this il need to go to

display proporties --> Settings --> Advanced --> My Geforce Tab --> Tv Settings --> Device adjustment !

And there to Restore defaults button .

All this because when i turn to full screen with BsPlayer Only its change my entire scrren size its some kind of zooming the screen in about 1 inch inside .

Now i did play with the renedering option in the bsplayer , and the vrm9 works and 7 also and its show good quality and the screen dowes not run away when i try to go back from full screen to video mode all works great BUT I HAVE NO SUBTITLE IN THAT RENEDRING MODE . :(

so what can i do please BsPlayer Is My Favorite one i try milion of players like

Zoom Player , Mv2Player , PowerDVD , InterVideo Home Theater , Quick Time , InterVIdeo Media Center , DvdX Player 4 , and milion more and each of them is lack of somthing .

So please try to help me to resolve the problem , Look at the picture again and you will see the Start Bar is disapear because of the screen display is zoomed inside .

Please Help .

Oooo and the Remember movie window size is already checked so it dont work .

adicoto 22nd August 2006 05:10 PM

So the problem seems to be connected to your video card (probably it's drivers).
Can you try to use overlay mixer as rendering metode ?
Can you update your drivers ?

Dj-DuDu 22nd August 2006 10:38 PM

OMG Nothing WORKS For Me Why Why Why ........ :(
Well the problem is not in my video card and im sure about that , Cause in other Media Players none of this things is happend , Only in Bsplayer .

Now about the overlay mixer in bsplayer as renedring mode , Yes i can use it But its still happens after i go to full screen mode and go back to video mode the screen kind of zoomed inside again .

Now in vmr9 and 7 it works ok . but the subtitle support dont works ,

which mean i cant watch the sub with the movie .

Tizio 23rd August 2006 12:10 AM

You can make a try, rename your current settings file (BSplayer.xml located in BSplayer installation dir or in c:\Documents and Settings\USER_NAME\Application Data\BSplayer) then open BSplayer and try to fullscreen the movie and come back to normal.
If the result is the same we will know that the problem lays somewhere in BSplayer or in your video card when using specific rendering modes, otherwise the problems is only in the settings (sometimes it happens that some settings interfere with others and odd things happen. If you'll find out you are in this situation we'll try to sort out the problem)

Have you tried both VMR7/9 and VMR7/9 renderless?

Dj-DuDu 24th August 2006 02:40 AM

Well i did try to delete the xml file and delete him , But no luck again the problem comes back again .

Now let me say again this is computer that connected directly to TV with many kind of drivers tested , Currently i am using the newest 91.xx ,

And in other players the problem dont happen , But i dont want other players i want BsPlayer .

About the reneder mode well i try vrm 9 and 7 and renederless , And the problem solved but the i dont have subtitle support when i use those reneder mode , And the movie quality is decrased alos , The dafault is the best beside that annoying issue so i hope somone will help me solve this .

Any way i want to thank you that you give your time to try help me :D

Now maby i will try the bsplayer version 2.xx to see if the problem still there , Altough i like the older version the most .

Peace peapole .

Dj-DuDu 28th August 2006 01:43 AM

Well No Good , I did try with bsPlayer version 2 and no good after couple of time when i go from video mode to full screen and go back and again go from video to full screen 3 or four time the edges run away again please try to help me , I try alot of forums but this is the forum that born for this app so please i realy dont want to try another players , Any way if you want a video clip then tell me if it could help i will try to record the problem live with my mobile phone so you could diagnose the issue .

Bye peapole , Hoping for good ! ! !

Tizio 28th August 2006 11:16 AM

I don't really know what can be the cause of your problem..
If not the drivers, maybe a system configuration

adicoto 28th August 2006 04:55 PM

I am not sure, but it worth trying. I run an ATI videocard, but settings may be similar. At first install for the drivers I must go to displays settings and reset my monitor to 85 Hz, beacuse in the moment I use TV-out it resets back to 60 HZ, and of course the image size is different. YOu might activate a display OSD to see if something similar is happening ? It may not help, but won't do no harm.

Dj-DuDu 30th August 2006 06:34 PM

So if i understand your correctly you have similar problem , But you suggest me to activate the OSD to see what exactly ?

I am ready to try anything that can give me clue .

Any way thanks for your intrest Bye !

adicoto 30th August 2006 07:38 PM

To see if your monitor doesn't change the frequency when playing a video file in BSPlayer or when using TV-out.

Dj-DuDu 24th December 2006 12:40 AM

Well Peapole i still have the problem guys i try alot of other options , and the thing wont fixed even change to version 2.12 Build 941 , please somone help this problem messing with me for about a year its works ok in other players and also in my tv card when i go to full screen everything is ok please guys i dont want to go to another player try to help me out here . :cry:

Check the link to see the image run away and the start bar is disapeer ,
what more can i do its works ok in my pc monitor why only in tv the sh*t happens ? ? ?

BSPeter 24th December 2006 12:18 PM

Most recent ForceWare-version is 93.71, but I'm still using NVIDIA GeForce4MX440 (128MB) with ForceWare-version 84.21 (of 9-3-2006) without any problems (so I'm not intending to update).
I assume you're using Clone mode with TV as your secondary display.
Then there may be another solution to your problem.
To automatically have full screen video on your TV (while playing in a window on your PC), select "secondary display" under "Full screen video controls / Full screen device" on your [Geforce4 MX 440]-tab ...[Full Screen Video]
Still there (on the same "page") perhaps check setting under "Full screen video zoom controls / Zoom control" (applicable to "Video Mirror").
(And perhaps also check setting of "Overlay zoom controls" under "Video Overlay Settings" of your Geforce4 MX 440 tab.)
I assume in BSPlayer's Preferences [General] the setting of "For full screen mode switch to" is still its default, i.e. "No change"?
To make sure you're using BSPlayer's default settings I would suggest you to (with BSPlayer not active) rename or delete the folder which holds BSPlayer's settings. This folder is named "BSplayer" and assuming you're using Win-XP, you can find it in
C:\Documents and Settings\[YourName]\Application Data\.
Let us know your findings.

Dj-DuDu 24th December 2006 11:11 PM

First Thanks For Your Reply , Now i am not using clone mode only Single Display mode which is my TV as the primary display without even PC Screen Connected , So most realeted settings are missing until you conect second display , About the "Video Overlay Settings" All Reset To Default . . . , So Realy I am STUCK Again ,
Forceware Driver Version is 91.31 So its quite new , also i will said it again without any other players the problem never happens only with BSPlayer which is my favorite player (and probebly thats why it happens)
So look again at new photos that i uploaded to see the problem in STEPS ,

Ok here is phase - 1 -

I just press twice on a movie so Bsplayer could play it ,

Now here is phase - 2 -

Just move to full scree now everything ok here too ? ?

Now Here is phase - 3 -

Look at all the screen corners how they zoomed inside when i exit full screen window , no Start Bar or the other Tool bar i had all zoomed inside , arghhhhh

Just look at screen one again and on screen 3 and look the differences ...

Now i have tried many many stuff from codecs , to screen format to cables , to other TV Cable Connect , to Tweak bsplayer , and On version Xp Sp2 and Xp Sp1 and many nvidia Forceware versions and many more i cant even remeber nothing works 4 me ,

Only Hardware acceleration Tab works when i lower the hardware accleration it works bu the movie is then become sucks .

Well again if any one thinks he or she can help i loved to here him take care ppl see ya . :)

adicoto 25th December 2006 12:51 AM

YOur video is in 16:9 format. When you go to full screen it gets 4:3. Something is wrong in here. When returning to windowed mode, the video window gets to 16:9 again but your desktop get affected by the change.
Is there somwhere you have enabled an option to go to a screen resolution or a custom aspect ratio when entering full screen mode ?
Does pressing NumPad 5 key help in any way ?

Dj-DuDu 25th December 2006 12:46 PM

Yes You Right , I did forget to change the settings that i try in BSplayer but they dont work either so i deleted the bsplayer.xml and settings was back to default but that wasant the problem from the first place here it is again default and all happen again , Now about the numpad buttons the "5" key is helpfull and also the - and + keys they help me fix the movie when i in full mode but still when i exit full mode my desktop zoomed inside . . . :(

Thanks for any help Again . . .

Dj-DuDu 26th December 2006 01:31 AM

Guys Still Problem Not Solved , Please Why in Other player like MV2Player evertything works ok and many other players whats the big difference .

P l e a s e Try to help here .

Why when i lower the Hardware Accleration the problem disappear ? ?

Comon ppl try to think of somthing . . .

look at the photos again . . .. .. .. ... .. .

Tizio 29th December 2006 03:25 PM

What rendering mode are you using? The default one? Have you tried to change it? Same result?

Sorry if I already asked these things to you, but I only read the newest replies (since December 24th)

adicoto 29th December 2006 06:51 PM

What resolution and vertical frequency do you have on the TV-out ? I do have some problems using resolutions higher than 1024x768 even though I run an ATI card (wich TV-out features are far better than nVidia's one). If you have such a resolution, lowering it to 800x600@60 Hz does help ?

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