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May 11th November 2006 01:59 PM

[1.37.826] subtitles problems

When I read video with under separate titles (.ssa for example), BsPlayer does not take charges the parameters of the subtitles. I have ugly, white and Arial subtitles... Before it read them well as it is necessary but there nothing...

I tried to see whether that came from the subtitles (.ssa) so I read it with Windows Media Player and there, miracle! It was as it is necessary: I have my subtitles in colors and special police (like correct parameters of the subtitle file .ssa) !!

To visualize my problem:
Here returned subtitles with BsPlayer:
And then with Windows Media Player :

To conclude, I don't understand from which my problem comes, I changed the parameters of subtitles in BS Player but that did not solve my problem...
Did somebody already have this problem or knows it from where that comes?

Thank you in advance

PS : sorry for my english i'm french... So the translation in french :
Bonjour !
Quand je lis une video avec des sous titres séparés (.ssa par exemple) et BsPlayer ne prend pas en charge les param?tres des sous-titres. Du coup je me retrouve avec des sous-titres tous moches, blancs et en police Arial. Avant il les lisait bien comme il faut mais l? niet...
J'ai essayé de voir si ca venait du fichier sous-titres donc je l'ai lu avec Windows Media Player et l? magie ! Ca marche comme il faut : j'ai mes sous-titres en couleurs et police spéciale !
Pour visualiser mon probl?me :
Voici le rendu des sous-titres avec BsPlayer :
Voici celui avec Windows Media Player :
Bref, je ne comprends pas d'o? vient mon probl?me, j'ai changé le param?trage des sous-titres dans BS Player mais ça n'a pas résolu mon probl?me...
Quelqu'un a-t-il déj? eu ce probl?me ou sait-il d'o? ça vient ?
Merci d'avance pour votre aide

BSPeter 11th November 2006 02:15 PM

(Suppose you're referring to 1.37.826.)
I'm afraid .ssa subtitles are only partially implemented in BSPlayer's native capacity to display subtitles. So to get similar results like you do with WMP, you should (also) make use of VobSub (as supposedly used for WMP) in BSPlayer. To this purpose:
(rightclick >) Options > Preferences > Filtermanagement > [General]:
check/select both: "Allow intermediate filters" and "Enable advanced graph building"
and under ...Preferences > Subtitles > [VobSub]:
check/select "Enable VobSub"
Please let us know the result.
Ou en bref:
Préferences > Gestion des Filtres > [General] ...
? cocher: "Autoriser les filtres intermédiares" et "Activer la gestion avancée"
Préferences > Sous-titres > [VobSub] ...
? cocher: "Activer les functions VobSub"

If no change: could you let us know which codecs/filters BSPlayer uses for playback: this is shown by BSPlayer (with the video file in question loaded!) under (Rightclick >) "Options" > "Filters" > (Advanced).

May 12th November 2006 03:33 PM

(indeed i'm referring to 1.37.826... so i edit my subject!)

I changed my parameters as you purpose but there is no change... (I will hope because "Allow intermediate filters" wasn't select ! But... )
I use the codec pack : SLD Codec Pack and like you have supposed VobSub.

So my codecs/filters :
I hope it is what you want to have.

Thank for the answer !
And thank also, BSPeter, for the translation in french which help me to understand !

May 17th November 2006 04:42 PM

After checking, it's ok with .srt subtitles (whereas before, no).
But with .ssa subtitles, always the same problem.

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