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MacDuck 11th January 2003 11:33 AM

Sound is low as hell in latest version
I just installed v0.86 and sound now is really, really low.
And in some movies, mostly divx, there is NO sound!

I have always had a noticable difference in volume when using BS compared with WMP or Sasami or whatnot. BS was always lower.
And now this? Anyone know what is going on?

The "lesser" players still have superb sound, so it should not be a codec issue.

xlv600 14th January 2003 12:42 AM

I've noticed no difference on mp3 streams.
R U shure, U didn't change anything else?
Try to restore BSplay.exe and BSrendv.dll in build 490 to figure out... or use the DS filter to boost your audio output.

If you send your movies on TV, audio cards are usually designed for a 300 ohm load and often can't power a TV audio input. The best would be to use an audio amplier. And if you make your own movies, don't forget to normalize the audio streams to 98% of full scale.

My solution to low volume on TV was to tweak my low cost SB128 audio card that comes with an integrated amplier, but besides that it's really a noisy card for audio inputs (you can hear mouse's moves if inputs are not muted.)

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