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kimiraikkonen 13th April 2007 10:38 PM

Sometimes Divx opening is ''weird''
Hi guys,
I have Divx 6.2.5 decoder and i use it to decode Avi(Divx) files, never had this weird problem before:

After double-clicking and opening divx (avi) files with BSPLAYER PRO, video is shown very ''weird'' with horizonal mixed white-red or these kind of coloured lines in the FIRST few seconds of the video, with no touching BSPLAYER, it turns back to normal and plays movie with no video problem.

Or stopping/playing the video also helps.

I'm using BSPLAYER and with the same VGA card and driver with no kind of problem, i'm on Win2k+SP4.

Note: I saw this problem only with the videos downloaded from which converts .flv videos to .avi(divx) online, then i download converted divx. Never had that kind of problems with other avi or mpeg files created before.

This happens very rarely and what could be the reasons? I did not see this on different computer.(uses Divx 6.5.1+XP SP2)

Is there a reason to concern?

Thanks for the interest

Default_Def 13th April 2007 11:33 PM

The site is still in it's BETA version, so I'm only guessing, but the program that is converting the files might still be being worked on.

There aren't very many programs out there (that I know of) that can successfully convert *.flv files to *.avi.

So, if your only getting this problem from this one site, it's probably still being worked on, you can contact the web site and tell them about your problem too, it might be something to do with the converter/settings there using as well.

*I've tried to convert a file into an *.avi before and I got the same problem as you, but that was long ago, that's why I'm suggestion it might be the web site or something.*

Also: Use a program called 'gspot' ( to see if your computer has the correct codex's to play the file, if you do, no idea*

[There is also '' it converts files for free too.]

Sorry I'm not very helpfull, I tried to help :oops:

kimiraikkonen 14th April 2007 10:44 AM

Hi Default_Def,
Don't worry you've helped too much by mentioning about you had similiar problem like me.

If i summarize, -this happens very rarely and saw only with videos- , when i double-click to open it. BsPlayer runs these videos with a weird display containing horizanal weird colured mixed lines. By a few seconds passes, video backs to normal or re-opening the video also help as i said.

I always have GSpot and have true codes/filters. Rendering successfull.

Which is the best way to convert flv files to mpg or avi?

Why isn't the problem constant/persistent?

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