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stormy1777 11th June 2007 08:12 AM

[SOLVED]Video doesn't showup in bsplayer
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Win2K sp4 PC with bsplayer 1.39 or 1.41 or 2.10 all showing same symptom that video of: black screen with a few color spots no motion but audio+subtitles play OK.. File plays OK on all other PC's using same bsplayer binary, except on the PC I really need it to!! I've tried ALL the codecs/filters, ffdshow, 3ivx, xvid, they all do not work with bsplayer on that PC! Other avi files play OK on the 'bad' PC using bsplayer..

On the same system zoomplayer and media player classic as well as from within graphedit and gspot same video file displayes OK; video only doesn't work from bsplayer!

Tried removing/reinstalling bsplayer several times with many reboots, no go.

At this point I'm truly at a loss.. must be some deep down registry key missing or something like that.. really appreciate any tips that can help me figure out why this is so. It must be something that bsplayer is using/doing differently than ALL the above players...

Rendering mode: Internal renderer overlay (default) is the one that needs to work, but doesn't. otherwise only mode that works is the RGB, but it's very very slow, like frame by frame...


adicoto 11th June 2007 03:14 PM

Do you have latest Video drivers installed for your videocard ?

stormy1777 11th June 2007 03:38 PM

yes, installed latest ATI drivers, rebooted, reinstalled bsplayer, still same symptom.. no video for that AVI.. other AVI's play OK in bsplayer, and other players (zoomplayer, media player classic) play that AVI and all others OK.

how do I debug such a thing??

stormy1777 11th June 2007 03:54 PM


I can't believe it, spent a few days, and now happy to say I figured it out!!

COLOR DEPTH of video driver!!!

breaks with 24bit, works perfectly with 32bit!! was as simple as that.

right click on desktop->Properties->Settings->Colors->TrueColor 32bit.

If I change it back to 24, again bsplayer doesn't display video for that AVI...

This little trick even works during playback, switch between 24 and 32, breaks and works respectively.

thanks for the tip about the video driver...

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