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ishopper 5th July 2007 12:58 PM

Video Card display and subtitles problems

I have an old IBM brand P3 with "Intel 82810E 32 mb video card". Since the time I installed the bsplayer on this computer, I faced problems playing video movies using BSPlayer ver. 1.4 to 2.0. though I can play the same movies using other players like Media Player Classic or Zoom.

Each time I play the movie, it shows up in only a green color and then BSplayer crashes after few seconds with some other movies it plays the file but Vsync is not corrct (pictures are moving upward and downward).

I used several codes Divx 5 and 6 or Xvid .... accumulative codecs pack....etc but problem is the same.

Then suddenly while trying to adjust BS to work correctly I changed the "Video Rendring" from the default settings of "Internal Rendeer overlay" to other settings one by one till I discovered that when I adjust BS to play in VMR7 the problem disappear and the movie plays just fine.

Then I discovered another problem, Subtitles.
Since the time I uses tis mode. Subtitles are still downloaded into the player (the word "No subtitles" on the player itself disappears and the name of the subtitles shows up on the player) however, the subtitle doesn't appear on the movie though BSplayer detected it.

My questions are:
1- What is the problem with "Internal Render overlay" why it can't be displayed with my Intel (on board) video card though I upgraded the driver to the latest in intel website ver. 6.13
2. Why subtitles don't show up on the screen even BS detects it and downloaded it?

Thnx in advance


adicoto 5th July 2007 06:52 PM

By any chance did you upgraded also DirectX to version 9.0 ? If not, can you do that ? There is no other reason for the onboard graphic chipset to not work properly.

ishopper 6th July 2007 12:29 AM

Yes I have the Direct X 9c installed. The problem is why the adjustment to VMR7 was the only way to play the files correctly and why subtitles disappeared with VMR7 and how to make it shows

adicoto 6th July 2007 05:15 AM

As far as I know, the problem with VMR and subtitles was solved in one of the latest builds (under VMR 9). Does that mode work well or not ?
In video preferences->rendering is "wait for vertical blank" disabled ? If not, disable it.

ishopper 6th July 2007 02:22 PM

Succeeded to change the VMR 9 from VMR7. 1st it wasn't Ok till I disabled the "wait for vertical Blank" as u suggested.
Now I am in VMR 9 mode but still subtitles doesn't want to show up.

What is the latest build are you talking about. I have BSPlayer 1.41 build 832. I didn't upgrade to later versions because I knew it eats too much from the memory. Can u suggest the BS build are you talking about? as i don't want to upgrade to version 2 if earliest versions would solve the problem

adicoto 6th July 2007 03:32 PM

I am talking indeed of ver 2 on wicth VMR support it's solved at last. But not all builds, some of the latest ones. Let me check wich one. It does not consume more resources than ver 1. On your PC it will work OK.

ishopper 7th July 2007 02:58 AM


Thank you for your efforts and your concerns.

version 2.21 works fine.
VMR9 with subtitles

u2kworldwide 7th July 2007 07:33 PM

WTH is a IBM?

No serious, :lol:
Anyway, i dont believe a video card has nothing to do with it. Then again, i dont enable subs in bsplayer.

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