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BalladforYou 6th July 2007 07:20 AM

Can't Uninstall Bsplayer! Help!
Hi guys! My problem with uninstalling Bsplayer seems to be different from anything I've seen. Usually people can't uninstall or install Bsplayer because they don't want adware. But ever since I downloaded the 136.825 Version of the player I can't seem to uninstall it. Everytime I try to uninstall it this message "c:/ Program files/WebTeh/BSPlayer/ "Units"2"3"4"5" comes up and my computer freezes. There is no other way for me to shut down the computer than to turn it off manually; it's basically messing up my computer. It still remains on my Add/remove program and says last used on "10/2005" but I've actually used it all the way through 2006 until the adware version came out.

My computer: Windows XP Home Edition.
I can delete the program manually from the Add/Remove Program but I want to be able to uninstall the darn program from my computer without simply deleting it. I think I might of manually deleted the program from my computer before, being the source of my problem perhaps. But the uninstall icon still remains in the Webteh Bsplayer file. So why that error comes up is still something I need to be educated on.

Thanks guys and hopefully this problem can be solved soon!

And what are the pros and cons of deleting it manually? Since I heard it doesn't really install install into your computer?


Tizio 7th July 2007 10:58 AM

Hi Ballad!
Yes, your last sentence is right, it doesn't really install anything ;)
In fact, I think before v2 came out, it was possible to download the installer OR the ZIP version.

Anyway, try to remove all BSplayer folders (with v1.36 you should have only one in C:\Program Files\Webteh\BSPlayer\), then re-install the program and then uninstall it via Add/Remove control panel function.

I don't know why your computer freeze if you try to uninstall it when you have already deleted BSplayer folder, since you should only see a message saying that the Add/Remove entry point nowhere and asks you if you want to remove it from the uninstall list...

Anyway try the above steps, that way you should be able to get right of it.
Bye ;)

Can I ask you why you want to uninstall BSlpayer? :)

BalladforYou 8th July 2007 02:12 AM

didn't work
Hello Tizio!

It didn't work, unfortunately. :( . I went over the steps you told me to, but still when I tried to uninstall it using the uninstaller from the bsplayer folder, my computer completely froze, and I was forced to shut down the computer manually. Please can you tell me why this is happening? Everytime I try to uninstall it, that message (the one I wrote from my first entry) comes up.

And by the way, I'm uninstalling bsplayer because I realized that MediaPlayerClassic can play realplayer and quicktime, and never causes any problems such as adware upgrades, and this uninstalling problem I have now. :)

Thanks for replying, and I'm hoping the search for a resolve will come soon! It's bothering me that I have this useless player on my comp.


Tizio 8th July 2007 10:16 AM

I'm sorry you were not able to uninstall it that way.. Then I can only suggest you to uninistall it manually (delete the folder I pointed you to before..)
Before removing it, uncheck all the associated filetype in BSplayer preferences, this way no registry keys will be left on your PC..

There will be only one you'll be able to remove manually by searching for "BSplayer" (the key should be this one: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\BST)

I don't know why you get this problem, I never had something similar, and I've installed/Uninstalled almost all BSplayer versions since v0.8x (versions I used before are only in zip format :P )

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