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Digiface 26th August 2007 11:46 PM

About subtitles
If i use 'Overlay mixer' renderer, i can drag subtitles to black area, without having to expand the picture. (I have to use BSP subtitle support for CoreAVC files). But with FFDShow i can't do the same thing; i still have to use expanded picture. Is it possible to set FFDShow to act same way as BSP, with this 'Overlay mixer'?

J7N 27th August 2007 01:28 AM

Re: About subtitles
Are you talking about subs rendered by ffdshow or subs overlaid by BSPlayer?

If you are using ffdshow for subs then you can move them below the picture by using the "Letterbox" option (I'm not sure in which version of ffdshow it was introduced).

Digiface 27th August 2007 04:43 PM

I got a another question: Is it possible to keep subtitles enabled in both, in ffdshow and in bsplayer, but only ffdshow's is used? So that ffdshow subtitles would got kind of higher priority. Bsplayer subtitles would be only showed, when ffdshow can't show one (CoreAVC).

J7N 27th August 2007 11:04 PM

I don't think so.

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