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Lilly 16th June 2008 11:58 PM

[SOLVED] Play all files
Hi everyone!

I obviously clicked something unintentionally and changed the settings that I made for my BS player and now I went through all the options, but can't remember where is the option that I actually need and it pisses me off pretty much, I must admit. Namely, I want BS player to play the next file within the same folder after it finishes with the current one. It was set like that, but now it keeps repeating the same file over and over again instead of playing the next one!

Where can this be set? Thanks!

Tizio 17th June 2008 12:25 AM

You have enabled "Repeat one" feature.
To disable it, you can use 2 different methods depending on the version you have and/or the skin you use.
If you have latest BSplayer release (v2.28.964) you can disable it through contextual menu:
Right click on BSplayer control window, then on "Playback" menu item. Now on "Playback mode" and choose "Repeat off" (or "Repeat all" if you want the entire playlist to be repeated once you finish to play it)

If you have a previous release:
Change the skin to the default one, then in the top-right corner of the control window you should see a "Repeat one" clickable text. Click it until it shows "Repeat off" or "Repeat all" ;)

Lilly 17th June 2008 12:36 AM

Successfully performed :D I just knew that it had to be something that I clicked without even noticing it! It works just fine now. Thank you very much, I appreciate your help!

Tizio 17th June 2008 08:25 AM

Glad to have been oh help to you :wink:

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