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grendizer 16th November 2008 03:06 PM

Does BsPlayer have internal codecs now?

Since some versions, BsPlayer has a new functionality which will detect missing codecs on your computer.
From what I understood, the codecs downloaded by BsPlayer will only work in bsPlayer. Does that mean the downloaded codecs become internal codecs in BsPlayer?

This may be good, but it confuses the understanding of the Directshow setup in Windows.

For example, this days I experience a strange problem: I start a video, and the Haali Media Splitter icon appears in the systray. But after using the "rendering" option of Gspot, I cannot see Haali inside the result.

I'd like to analyse this in a better way using Graphedit, but I didn't find the latest version of this tool so far.

What's your opinion?


BSPeter 16th November 2008 03:16 PM

In news-section for version 2.32 (13 Oct 2008): (click here)

BS.Player 2.32 will run codec diagnostics at installation (only once) and will prompt user if any of vital multimedia codecs are not installed on the system. User has the option to download and install missing codecs or not. All codecs installed by BS.Players Codec manager are installed locally (meaning only BS.Player will use these codecs) and they will not interfere or mess with functionality of any of your other codecs installed globally.

grendizer 16th November 2008 03:28 PM

This means that tools like Gspot or Graphedit do not show exactly what's going on inside bsplayer when a video is played?

BSPeter 16th November 2008 05:25 PM


Originally Posted by grendizer
This means that tools like Gspot or Graphedit do not show exactly what's going on inside bsplayer when a video is played?

IMHO GSpot has never shown "exactly what's going on inside bsplayer when a video is played" (or inside any other player for that matter). It only shows what is possibly (i.e. feasible to be) used by a player for the video-file thrown at GSpot (depending on the filters/codecs it finds installed on the PC).
On the other hand BS.Player itself shows this when a video is loaded/played:
(rightclick > ) Options > Preferences > Filters > Advanced.

grendizer 17th November 2008 12:17 PM

Gspot has a rendering funtion, which is similar to what graphedit does.
Yeah I knew about the "used codecs" function of bsPlayer, but my question is : if bsPlayer has kind of internal codecs now, it is not anymore obeying the Directshow rules of Windows.
I would just like to have a confirmation of that, perhaps a bsPlayer developper has an idea?

Tizio 18th November 2008 06:42 PM

BSplayer still obeys to Windows DirectShow rules, it just uses codecs located in install dir (or in user folder) instead of the codecs located in the system directory.
If you go into the before mentioned folder you'll be able to locate the BSP downloaded filters, and if you want you can copy them to the system dir, this way also GSpot/GraphEdit will be able to use those filters ;)

I can't remember how GraphEdit loads filters (if only automatically from system dir or if you can tell it to load filters available in other folders), but maybe you'll be able to load them even if they resides in the BSP installation dir (or user folder)

grendizer 21st November 2008 06:38 PM

Ok thanks! 8)
Is there a way to disable the internal codecs and to tell Bsplayer to use the Windows based codecs instead?

Tizio 22nd November 2008 07:15 PM

Simply copy that codecs to the system folder and register them:
START -> Run...
digit Regsvr32 %system%\FILENAME.AX and then press OK
a message saying the registering process has been successful should appear.

Anyway, if you don't want to copy those files into the system folder, you can simply register them by changing the %system% word with the full path of the file. Once the filters are registered every DirectShow application will know where to take the filter from in order to decode the related files ;)

Cosmitz 28th November 2008 11:20 PM

I have recently updated to 2.33, and while i condone internal codecs, i happened upon a problem with it. I was really using the FFDshow video/audio decoder menus to work with videos. Problem is, whenever i run a video, the little icons in the taskbar do not pop up. I removed the folder from Bsplayer and re-registered ffdshow normally, but they still do not show up. I made sure the "show in tray" was selected. This even happens in WMP now. >.>

BSPeter 29th November 2008 03:33 AM

With a proper videofile loaded you can access FFDShows properties
(rightclick >) Options > Preferences > Video > [FFDshow properties]
and also through
(rightclick >) Options > Filters > Advanced

grendizer 29th May 2009 07:00 AM

I have almost the same problem as Cosmitz
I didn't like the Ffdshow program to be inside the c:\users\appdate\roaming\BsPlayer folder. I like it better when it is installed in c:\program files (x86)\ffdshow, this is better for the program updates.
So I uninstalled FFdshow 32 bits, then deleted the folder inside this bsplayer folder, rebooted, then re installed FFdshow 32, rebooted, then played a video that should be decoded by FFdshow:
- Only the sound plays well, as for the video: sometimes it plays, sometimes it stays frozen on the first frame.
- In bsplayer > right click > options > filters > no FFdshow appears. Other codecs appears for the decoding of the audio and video.
- The 2 Ffdshow icons do not appear anymore in the systray. Using Windows Media Player, these 2 icons appear in the systray.
So then I used Bsplayer to browse all codecs.
I saw 2 FFdshow audio decoders, one was strangely refering to "quartz.dll" which is a Microsoft codec. The other one was pointing to: "Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\ffdshow\, 3554816 bytes, Version", I used the "re-register filter" button on this one.
I saw 1 FFdshow video decoder, refering to "C:\Program Files (x86)\ffdshow\, 3554816 bytes, Version", I used the "re-register filter" button on this.

But it still doesn't work (same 3 problems as stated above).
Why is that? How can I enable Ffdshow and its systray icons while playing a video in Bsplayer?


grendizer 29th May 2009 07:57 AM

Other information about this problem:

1) Registering the codec:
I wanted to be sure that the Ffdshow codec was registered, so I went to BsPlayer's list of codecs, used the "register" button, browsed to c:\program files (x86)\ffdshow\, rebooted Windows, played the video: same problems.
Then I used the command prompt to register the codec c:\program files (x86)\ffdshow\, rebooted Windows, played the video: same problems.

2) Different Direct Show behaviors :
When I want to analyse what's going on when I trigger the playback of one divx, I get 3 different answers from 3 different applications! On the following screenshot, Bsplayer, Gspot and Graphedit give me 3 different Direct Show graphs! Even if one notices the Gspot and the Graphedit graphs are closer, I'd like to know what is this mystery about? How can I get Bsplyaer to behave like a "normal" Direct Show application (that it is suppoes to be!).

BSPeter 29th May 2009 11:08 AM

I understand you installed BS.Player and apparently allowed it (at some time) to instal "internal" codecs. (Internal meaning internal for exclusive use by BS.Player and not any other application; internal also meaning that those codecs leave other applications alone with respect to the codecs they use.)
You then removed ffdshow from BS.Players installation folder and installed ffdshow for generic use (but BS.Player maybe still thinking it should only look "internally" for its codecs).
My personal idea (but I'm no codecs-expert unlike you and adicoto) would be to uninstall BS.Player and install it fresh, but without this time allowing it to install codecs "internally" as you (obviously and also for obvious reasons) prefer that BS.Player uses external (generic) codecs (and "behaves like a "normal" Direct Show application").

adicoto 29th May 2009 05:19 PM

I will try to read this thread once again from the beginning and express an opinion.

As far as I can see, there are 2 issues here. The first, the One, the biggest, is your OS. Seems we are talking about VIsta 64 ? (Or seven ?). Since Vista came up (and on seven too), DMO is preffered rather than installed DirectShow filters. I can confirm this behaviour on seven too, as DIvX and Xvid are hard to put to work as decoding filters. So, the filters used by BSPlayer are affected by this behaviour.

The second issue. Gspot identifies the filters ABLE to decode the streams. As the video stream is identified as Div5, it can be decoded by XviD decoder, by ffdshow, by DivX, it is normal to have at least 3 options. The audio part is MP3, decoders that can be used are: built-in MP3 decoder (DMO), ffdshow, Lame (seems you installed LAME too). As far as I know (I may be wrong) DMO can't be used by installed programs (gspot, virtualdub....) only if are written to use DMO rather than DirectShow filters.

Now, for what I've seen until now. BSPlayer doesn't use LAME decoder, so, it can use MS's or ffdshow to decode. As it's Vista -> it will use DMO, rather than ffdshow. For the video part, BSplayer can use DMO, ffdshow, DivX or Xvid, this will also be the preffered order under Vista.

Graphedit.....can't acces DMO, so, it will uses the second one in priority, which is...ffdshow.

PS: DMO are not DirectShow filters

LE: IIRC, there was another report that BSPlayer install of ffdshow messed up system install.
BSPlayer's installed codecs are not internal (as MPC have) but rather system independent (external ;) )

grendizer 1st June 2009 11:40 AM

Adicoto, thanks for the tips about DMO, I was not aware of this codec (or codec pack).

I fixed my problem, here is what I did (this text will appear in my FAQ as well):

I fixed it by , first: uninstalling BS.Player Prolite. During the uninstall process , it also uninstalled all "internal" codecs. Then I installed a fresh new version of my new purchased licensed BsPlayer Pro 2.40. The install process triggered BsPlayer's "Codec Manager". This nice tool let me see which codecs were installed, uninstalled, and also it shows the difference between "local" and "system" installed codecs. From the "Codec manager", one can surely uninstall a local codec, and then install the same codec as "system based" (available for all Windows applications) , thus switching this codec from local to "global". This is exactly what I did with Ffdshow: after the install was finsihed, I installed Ffdshow again, ran BsPlayer's Codec Manager again, and everything was fine: the Codec Manager was showing Ffdshow as installed and system based, and the playback of a divx triggered the 2 systray Ffdshow icons.
- BsPlayer's "Codec manager" is hidden to the user, but is available in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Webteh\BSplayerPro\bspcodecdl.exe". This should be available from BsPlayer's right click and in the start menu BsPlayer folder. I made a shortcut of this tool inside my start menu BsPlayer folder. Perhaps the Weteh developpers should take care of that.

Edit : Updated FAQ!

BSPeter 1st June 2009 12:57 PM

Actually "bspcodecdl.exe" is the "old" file-name used in 2.40 and previous BS.Player versions. Presently its name is "codecmanager.exe".

grendizer 1st June 2009 03:26 PM

Ah, you mean in BsPlayer Pro 2.41 beta?
And is it in the start menu shortcuts group now?

BSPeter 1st June 2009 03:34 PM

(1) Yes (
(2) No (An excellent suggestion to be posted in "Feature Requests, Feedback And Suggestions"-forum I would say!)
Meanwhile posted in "Feature Requests, Feedback And Suggestions"-forum: click here.

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