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tebba 13th December 2008 04:06 PM

Change the automatic subtitle loading? Read

I've noticed that BS player automatically loads subs that are in the subfolder "Subs" and that are rared aswell. Are there anyway to tell BSplayer to load all the eg. .srt files it can find in the all the subfolders in the movie directory?

Are there any way i can change which folder BSplayer looks for when it's trying to load the subtitles? for examples, in stead of just looking for the folder "Subs" it looks for " *sub* " so it can be named whatever you like as long as it contains the word 'sub' somewhere.

The best thing would be that BSplayer looked for a subfolder inside the movie folder that contained a certain word, then looked for a .srt/other sub types inside that folder _within_ a rar file, where ever it could find it.

Hope you're following. Ask if you have some questions.

Bottomline here is, is it possible to customize the whole folder load system?



BSPeter 13th December 2008 08:47 PM

(rightclick >) Options > Preferences > Subtitles
In the south-east part of the window you can add folders in which BS.Player should look for subtitles.
Oh, and - of course - ther is the option "Auto load any subtitles in current directory"

tebba 13th December 2008 09:50 PM

even tho it's inside a rar and not named the same as the movie? :)

Thx, i'll check it out!

tebba 13th December 2008 09:59 PM

(can't find the edit button)

That's not exactly what is was looking for, that's more of a global subtitle folder, i can't add one and one folder for all my movies when the subs are in each moviefolder. Im thinking of movies that comes with a folder usually names "Subs" which BSplayer automatically loads. But what if the folder is called "there is a sub inside this folder"? Is it possible to make it load a all the folders containing the word *sub* for example, with wildcards? And in that folder there's a .srt file, not necessarily named the same as the movie file.

As i see it now, it only adds a global subtitle folder, and if i point it to.. say C:\ i imagine it won't load every single .srt file in there (seing that you dont want subtitles for every movie you've got in the same movie)


About the option "Auto load any subtitles in current directory", that loads all the subs in the current directory+subfolder? No matter what the subfolder is called and no matter what the .srt files are called? And even inside a rar? :D

Alot of questions in there, hope i get my point across.

Ico-man 16th December 2008 01:00 PM

BS.Player subtitles auto load from subfolders
Its done in 2.35, give it a try.

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