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Cloud737 15th March 2009 08:55 PM

Fullscreen/Window switching causes blur/jaggies

Whenever I switch from windowed to fullscreen view and vice-versa, I've noticed that the image is always blur (window->fullscreen) or too crips, causing aliasing (fullscreen->window) for a few seconds, until BS player (v2.35) corrects itself. This is irritating since it's hard to see subtitles (the most affected part by the blur) until the player corrects itself.
I've also noticed a slight delay in some movies that would occur around the time the same time BS player would correct itself (can't tell that well, since that wasn't while watching anime or something that had subs).

I've also noticed (compared to the really old version I used before) that BS player no longer "visually" displays the resizing of the movie (e.g.: short flicker and multiple-stages resizing), so I guess this is probably why the blur occurs: BS stretches the current image when switching and displays correctly resized one only after doing all the background processes, in order to avoid those "artifacts" while "visually" displaying the resizing of the movie (sorry, but I really couldn't find better words for this).

Is there any way to activate the old resizing method or fix this issue? Thanks in advance for all your help! :biggrin:

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