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jondavis 14th April 2009 07:31 PM

New - Trying out the free version
I'm looking for a program that will sort my Videos and Audio together by tags.
Looks like this one might do it.

Maybe the problem below is just the free version, not sure.

When I am in the Media Library and try to edit tags of audio and video by right clicking and going to properties I cannot save the information?
Write to file is grayed out, is that where I need to save the tags at?

Also I was trying to bring some FLV videos into the Media Library but they would not load in.
I could watch them on the player though.
Can we put FLV's in the there?
Are there only some supported types for Media Library?

jondavis 15th April 2009 12:36 AM

Well it looks like I can change the tag info on the audio files like most players, since write to file available.
The videos never let you write to file since it stays grayed out.
Even if you can't edit the actual tag of the video there should still be some BS file to save it to.
If there is a way please someone let me know.
Looks like a great player but I need a program that will let me sort the audio's and video's together.
I only know of one so far but it only supports a few video types.
So I'll keep looking out for one.
This one looks real close.
I'll check back for updates.

Tizio 15th April 2009 07:08 PM

You can simply add a request in the Feature request section of the forum and probably it will be added to one of the next releases :wink:

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