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gnrlies 30th January 2003 09:37 AM

BS Player advantages......
Hi, as you can see this is my first post here, and i am just wondering why i would download and use BS player over my existing Media Player that comes with windows. I was recomended to use this software when mentioning my use of TV-Out to playback my DIVX movies.

Is there any benefits?

One thing which im not sure if it may do is make my tv-out in full screen. I am currently using Tv-Tool for that but i dont really like TV tool...

Any way, i hope someone can help me.....

Quietseb 30th January 2003 01:55 PM

here is a quick list of what wmp9 doesn't do that bsplayer does [it's most certainly incomplete, I just put what I use often]

- wmp9 doesn't have any keyboard shortcut, bsplayer has plenty of useful and customizable keyboard shortcuts
- you can't navigate in a divx with wmp9 (other than using the very imprecise slider); bsplayer has 3 more ways to navigate in a movie: by time/ by small jump/ by x seconds jump
- right click menu in wmp9 is desperately empty; bsplayer's one makes many useful features quickly accessible
- You can't access your various filters settings in wmp9 (or please tell me how you do); with bsplayer it's quite easy (right click)
- wmp9 doesn't handle movies with more than one language on its own. bsplayer does.
- wmp9 can't handle subtitled movies on its own, except if the subs are in sami format, which I don't think is very popular. bsplayer handles at least subrip and microdvd formats which are the most common ones

besides that, there's the facts bsplayer allows you to define chapters for your movies, that it's less CPU consumptive, it allows you to use pan&scan and even custom pan&scan ....

many people use its winlirc compatibility for remote control

that's all I can think about right now ;)

vastis 30th January 2003 02:21 PM

* you can have a borderless moviewindow even in half-screen.. :D
* with different skins it you can choose one with exactly the buttons YOU need
* the subs can be placed at the exact right hight to display best on your tv

(just a few of my favorite-features)

Sami 30th January 2003 05:48 PM

bsplayer advantages
Hi! my first post too.

OK quietseb, you convinced me (tho' I just took 1 hour 15 mins downloading wmp9! Oh well, what the heck....)

But why use bsplayer rather than DivX player?

(And what's wrong with Sami, anyway. Here in Finland the Sami people are highly-regarded. )

Quietseb 30th January 2003 06:23 PM


Originally Posted by Sami
But why use bsplayer rather than DivX player?

Frankly, I've never used divx player (maybe twice, that's all) but I believe it is quite buggy, does not support subtitles or bivx either and so on.
Plus it won't even accept a movie encoded with anything else than divx ! (good bye xvid).


Originally Posted by Sami
(And what's wrong with Sami, anyway. Here in Finland the Sami people are highly-regarded. )

;) I don't think Sami are bad people :)
I just meant that amongst the subtitles formats (subripper, microDVD, ssa, vobsub, sami, [others ?]), sami is not very often encountered. Well at least I have never seen any file using this format [although I remember reading that there is a RV9 player taking advantage of that format but I'm not sure of that]

gnrlies 31st January 2003 05:24 AM

thanks everyone for your help...

Juggalo 31st January 2003 04:12 PM

Custom pan-scan RULEZ !!!
Just that feature alone is already reason enough to use BsPlayer over any other player, imho.

Sami 31st January 2003 09:08 PM

BSplayer advantages
Quietseb wrote

"I don't think Sami are bad people.."

It's OK I was just kidding :) Me, I was only ever in Lapaland once in my life. I kinda guessed that "sami" must be some techie reference (I'm a newbie, remember)

Great forum!

Quietseb 31st January 2003 09:39 PM

Re: BSplayer advantages

Originally Posted by Sami
It's OK I was just kidding :)

phew !

BlackTail 2nd February 2003 10:54 PM

IMO, the greatest advantage of the BsPlayer over other players is it's SPEED. BsPlayer with ffdshow decoder, my crappy comp can handle maybe all those DivX 5 and other encodes, that requires LOTS of CPU power.

tupac7 10th February 2003 03:03 PM

Just try it out!!!!!!
Then you will know, why everybody says it's the best Videoplayer! But if you are a beginner, then let it be. BSPlayer does have very much settings if you don't know how 2 make em good it is the half of the worth downloading BSPlayer. :!:
But it's still gr8 :D

sikk 15th February 2003 06:56 AM

I can think of 3 reasons BSPlayer will never be substituted.

1. Bug free playback. If it (yer file) doesnt work in BSPlayer - it doesnt work at all.
2. Custom Pan Scan. Lordy this rules.
3. WinLirc interface. A MUST for anyone with a HTPC setup.

Merlin-le-sagouin 2nd March 2003 04:49 PM

hi all...
1- scuse my so poor english
2- congratulations for this excellent player..

I've read in this forum that RV9 rights would be expensive, and so, BSPlayer would certainly not be able to play RV9 movies in the future. :cry:
Are there different news about it or not?
It's in my point of view the only lack of the B(e)S(t)Player...

Pnar 31st July 2003 07:59 PM

there is now a rv9 DS filter in development

it is not finished but allows me to play rv9 with BSPlayer. take a look here

and tell us plz

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