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fox2 23rd June 2009 11:27 PM

Remote control query

I've read past posts on remote controls and WinLIRC, but still looking for clear answers that sum it all up. A list of "questions I have":
  1. What kinds of RC handset, and IR receiver, (self made or "bought as part of some other kit") can easily be made to work with BSplayer, and/or with other programs in general?
  2. What software is needed to handle the IR device, and do such programs learn the signals from the handset or do they come with a database of "known" handset signals that one uses? (WinLIRC is obviously one, I guess?)
  3. Do programs need a plugin to be controlled by such a program or how does the IR handling software control the possible media players?
  4. Can such programs handle playlists as well as the usual media controls?

If possible, can someone give a "brief summary" how to get a remote control to control BSplayer? (it might be a RC from some existing installed software, or a bare handset+detector, or a handset + a self built detector). Huge detail not needed, but an outline would be extremely useful.


BSPeter 24th June 2009 01:18 AM

Quote from my Help2Help-post (aka "READ THIS FIRST BEFORE POSTING"):

(d) Girder / WinLIRC / Remote controls / (Multimedia) Keyboard ?
Check out this thread and this one and read what our fellow-BSPlayer-user RafkeP (and bst) can tell you. And how about this post by darkain!?
For Girder definitions also check out this post (click here), by Tizio.

fox2 24th June 2009 01:53 AM


Originally Posted by BSPeter (Beitrag 37790)
Quote from my Help2Help-post (aka "READ THIS FIRST BEFORE POSTING"):

Thanks, some of those links were helpful. But unfortunately having followed them through, they don't seem to provide the information needed.
  • The laptop doesn't have serial connections - it uses USB. I can probably get a Hauppauge or similar USB IR receiver on ebay, but the guide assumes a serial based one and doesn't state what to do if yours is USB. (It also states "Choose your COM port" - but not which COM port, or at what point is a COM port specified, or how to identify the correct value - help?)
  • Two of the pages go directly into coding material which is of use to a developer only.
  • Darkain's RMX which sounded promising, seems to have vanished.
  • BSP Definitions Manager indicates it can be used with Girder, then dives into technical speak about "Sendmessage" which assumes a lot of background I lack. It also doesn't say how to use the information to get your remote working.

That's roughly where I got to, and what prompted the above post. I'm sure these are pretty common questions which is why I was a bit surprised not to find a fairly comprehensive "sticky" from the basics up, on "HOW TO GET BSPLAYER WORKING WITH REMOTE CONTROL" :) I'm fairly capable, but the questions above are the ones I got left with, after trying to find answers on the forum. Can you help? :)

Thanks :)

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