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denniscpearce 2nd February 2003 11:37 AM

bsplayer/codec install floppy
hey ive often wanted to install codecs and or bsplayer on either one of my machines or someone elses but not had the files handy and had to download or whatever, this is especially difficult when the machine doesnt have an internet connection.,
anyways i think ive managed to collect a few files that will fit on a 1.4mb floppy that will allow the playback of pretty much any divx, or at least every one ive ever tried....this is whats on the disc so far:

ffdshow installer (build 20020617) - 318kb
ogg direct show filters (version - 465 kb
a custom stripped down bsplayer install - 520 kb

theres still 120 kb left

the bsplayer installer is just my own, and it only contains the most necesary files, i tested and it seems that all i need to run the player is the bplay.exe and bsrendv.dll, im pretty sure i dont need any of the other directories or files, i thaught i may have needed the english.lng or whatever in the lang directory but i dont think i do, because i removed it and it worked fine. also the installer adds a registry entry to allow you to right click an avi and open it in bsp by clicking "open with bsplayer" or whatever.

anyone have any ideas on what i could add to make this disk more 'universal' ?

Quietseb 2nd February 2003 12:20 PM

maybe an ac3 filter and a divx-audio installer...
but the files I know of are over 300KB (both ac3 filters) and 170KB (divx-audio installer, ace compressed)

Sonickydon 3rd February 2003 01:26 AM

wow! there's still people out there that use floppies? i'm impresed! :)
why don't you burn the codecs in the movie cd? isn't it more handy than a floppy?

xlv600 3rd February 2003 10:57 PM

In case you are interested, Winimage (shareware) can format 1.7MB floppy disk instead of 1.44MB.

dennis c pearce 4th February 2003 03:59 AM

i love floppys
no i dont think a cd would be better for something like this, i mean i have cds with lots of installs on thembut they are big and scratchable and....
yes id thaught about formatting a floppy compatable is it ? i mean will it work in any machine...?
anyways floppys are the way of the future...see this:
5gb on a credit card sized floppy

dennis c pearce 4th February 2003 04:00 AM

as far as im concerned every good peice of software should fit on one floppy...
its sad when i see computers with no floppy drive, alot oflaptops dont have them.

Quietseb 4th February 2003 08:10 AM


Originally Posted by dennis c pearce
its sad when i see computers with no floppy drive, alot oflaptops dont have them.

it's another way to the future: wireless networks, constant access to the Internet from anywhere :D
(yes I'm dreaming)

nah, USB disks on key are the best right now (small, not scratchable, fast, several Mo...)
but there are still people running win98... in which case you need at least two floppies to bring the drivers :lol:

dennis c pearce 5th February 2003 02:47 AM

yeah we use little usb memory chips at work, theyre good for fedexing back and forth for field work.
also i hear you can boot of them id like to get a 1gb one .
they have even bigger ones now too

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