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Opening source is good thing, but GPL may not be the right choice for program that only runs in windows and uses only closed source libraries.
LGPL is a way better. Anyway the developers are free to choose the License, and they must know what are doing.
I agree that bst2k may be a very busy man that don't have enough time to develop bsplayer. It is pitty so good pease of software to suffer from so basic bugs so long time. Maybe, if bsplayer was open source i would try to fix this bug on my own. Or at least to find out what the problem is. I know how hard is to find bug when you have bugreport like "I opend my file and it give me a blue screen, what to do, help me"
GPL like license may not be the best choice if bst2k don't want another player s that use 90% of him code, but there are enough examples (by the big companies) how to do it.
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