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Default Bugs concerning OGM Subtitles (v.1.00 build 803)

First of all great work, I love BSPlayer.
However I still encounter some bugs using subtitles in OGM format:

1. It's an OGM file which has 2 subtitles: "German" and "Commentary". In the subtitle list where I can change the subtitles, there is "Sub 1", "German" and "Commentary". "Sub 1" is activated by default, and it is the same as "German", the primary subtitle of the file. Don't know if it's supposed to be a feature or a bug.

2. When choosing "Sub 1", all characters are displayed fine (only if I set character script to Central European in the OGG Subtitle Mixer DS Filter AND in the font options of BSPlayer), but when choosing "German" or "Commentary", the german "Umlauts" like ?¤, ?¶, ?? (ae, oe, ue) and ?? aren't displayed at all. They are just omitted. This happens both with and without "Use subtitle Mixer for subtitles in OGG" checked in the BSPlayer. Generally, this option doesn't seem to make any difference.

The interesting thing is: when I use "western" as a character script in the OGG Subtitle Mixer, the same problem also appears with "Sub 1". This is again independent from the "Use subtitle Mixer for subtitles in OGG" in BsPlayer.

3. Clicking on "Manual correction" in subtitle menue throws the following exception:

BSPlayer v1.00.803, Unhandled exception at EIP: 004CEF14
If you click 'Close' application will be terminated.
Please report this info to the author with description what were you doing.
Invalid floating point operation
, 0x004E746F, 0x004E766D, 0x00453527, 0x0044A872, 0x77E2A2D0, 0x77E045E5, 0x77E05B51, 0x004E8584, 0x77E987E7

Bytes at EIP: D8 30 E8 C1 3C F3 FF 89 45 F0 89 55 F4 8D 45 E8 50 8D
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