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bichenoubi: Answering to the last question, I wanted to suggest you to try latest Vobsub v2.18 together with BSPlayer build 490.
In the "General" tab of the Dvobsub filter properties, you can now change the vertical padding, adding or removing black strips, in order to be able to put subtitles below the picture.

About your first problem, I agree with your structure, it's the way it should work.
I've made some tests with BSPlayer debug version 488 and Vobsub v2.14, and checked with Build 490 and Vobsub v2.18...
In the log file, I've seen that AVI relative file path is appended to the ini real path including the trailing '\'.
For instance, if the ini file path is:
and movie file
In the [MOVIE] section of your ini file , you should have:

The resulting path (in log file) will be:

On my HD disk, the ini file path was:
the movie file :
L:\DivX\Mission Cl?©op??tre\Film.avi
In the ini file , I've written:
Title=Ast?©rix & Ob?©lix - Mission Cl?©op??tre
Directory=..\..\Mission Cl?©op??tre
;AudioName2=Original (only one audio stream here)

Directory=..\..\Mission Cl?©op??tre ; Same as movie

- Here, directory=..\..\..\DivX\Mission Cl?©op??tre works too.
- Tested successfully with movie an subs located in the root directory (Directory=..\..\..).
- VobSubs were working too, but they had to be located in the movie directory. The only issue is that I can't use a shortcut to cycle through them, but the other ways are working: through DVobsub properties or Right-click on movie.
- This has not been tested on CD!. For these tests, BSPlayer and all the needed codec and filters, are running from HD, bsi extension is registerd and associated to the BSPlayer installed in the system partition. It doesn't mean it would necessary work the same on a self sufficient CD.

Hope it helps...
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