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Default weird audio problem?

hey guys i have this really weird audio/video problem

all the movies i've been trying to play.. at the some point during the movie.. the audio would skip the video would keep going then like after a while the audio would come back on..

however if i try to pause the movie while the audio is out.. and press play again.. the audio would pick up exactly where it was left off.. but the video would pause until the audio and video syncs back together again

i currently have the xvid codec (koepi's version i think?), ffdshow, and divx codec installed

for audio i just have ac3filter installed

dont know if that's enough information for you guys to figure out

i've tried to isolate to see if its a certain codec's fault.. but it isn't

this problem isn't just in bsplayer... i've tried other players as well.. and the problem still occurs

please help if you guys can thanks!
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