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Old 12th March 2004
Sir Cujo
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Default Color Control on SVCD Does not keep

Hey all, I have used the search, and have monitored the forums for months, and I cannot figure this one out. Flog me if you wish, but I have to ask.

Im using BSPlayer 1.00 RC1 Build 807, 1 Mar 2004
Running XP SP1a, Nividia Geforce FX 5900 (
FFDshow from Feb 25, 2004
Intervideo WinDVD5 - ( Decoder,

The problem is that the color controls need to be set every time I start up a SVCD. Even if I drag and drop the same file on top of the video that is playing, the color controls will be reset. I need to open up the color controls, hit "default" which sets the brightness from 50 to 7.5, and then close that box, and the video is fine, until I play another SVCD. The remember settings box is checked, and I have checked and unchecked that box in dozens of combinations, to no avail. I would really like it to remember the color control settings while watching SVCD's.

Can anyone help me get this small issue resolved?

Thank you much.. Sir Cujo
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