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I agree, I believe movie producers feel like they have to make their movies 'R' rated to appeal to adults. I really liked the first Matrix flic (it went downhilll from there, but that's another story!) but it was loaded with senseless profanity! A good action movie doesn't need all that wasted, pointless, speech. America has definitely made her voice known on this issue. LOTR made loads and loads of money, and I don't recall any profanity in any of the three movies. Just look at 'The Passion of the Christ' right now. People are looking to clean up their act everywhere. I'm sure not everyone would agree, God Bless America, but I'm really glad Howard Stern is in the trouble he is in. I never listened to him on the radio, but from what I hear, I'm glad I never did. I'm not against freedom of speech, I'm not trying to make this a political thread, really, but Morality is starting to come back into the spotlight, thank God! Is there anyone of you talented programmers reading this thread that would be interested in making this a feature of BSplayer?
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