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haha, you americans allways give me a good laugh :lol:

Check out in the rating of the movies... whenever a movie is R in the US, many times it is rated 15+ in europe, or 14+ here in South America-
The, mostly, only place where the ratings go hand in hand with the Americans is in the asiatic-dictatorships.
But anyway, each country with its own culture, and I respect yours...
so little advice, if there's a good movie with lots of 'profanity' (generally comedies) but no sex or whatever scenes... you could get the movie dubbed in a foreign language, and use English subtitles... that way you're gonna help your children's reading skills (wich I'm sure may be part of the 20% of americans with functional illiteracy), and you're gonna be able to edit out the profanity from the subtitles in a few minutes-

But my modest advice to some of you, recheck or rethink your moral standards if you think that just some words like "sh1t" "bullsh1t" or "b1tch" are more dangerous to a child than watching a person getting a bullet on his head, or getting his head chopped off, or getting his wrist stabbed, or being tortured by many different techniques... because otherwise, you're a very sick person.
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