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The whole concept of profanity is ridiculous. As if certain collections of phonemes can somehow be inherently profane. (My, how enlightened we are.) Just what makes "f_ck" so much worse than "phooey"?

As was said, if you want to avoid profanity, you'll ultimately need to find family-oriented films and avoid more mature-themed fare. Don't expect the industry to bend over backwards (e.g., releasing two versions of the same film--the original and a "clean" version) for something so asinine. (Of course, even Disney's animated family features are starting to include mild profanity.)

Anyone who feels that profanity is "wasted, pointless speech" misses the point. Movies are like that because, you know, that's how many people talk in the real world. And movies -- they're generally about how real people would act. Profanity can indeed be overdone in film (as it can be in real life), but on the whole, its inclusion is most apt. (The Lord of the Rings trilogy was fantasy. Profanity would have spoiled the surrealism. And Passion ... I mean, come on.)

movies that are filled with profanity are for a reason. Not to make characters more diverse etc. Becuase they WANT a specific rating. Who wants to see a G-rated horror film?
Think about this example. It's a horror film. Horror films, by definition, can be free of profanity and still earn an NC-17 rating. Why? But they're horror films. Like Strange said, something's very wrong when one is more concerned about specific words than about watching people being slaughtered in creative and massively bloody ways.

the G-rating implies that it is a kids movie and that adults will be bored out of their minds.
Wasn't Finding Nemo rated G, and wasn't a good time had by all?

it seems like it wouldn't be too difficult to simply mute the audio during the timeframe of the sentence with profanity. The span of time is already in the file that it needs to be muted, you could somehow feed the string into a variable, and search for keywords, and if the criteria is met, mute the volume, until the line goes away, and bring it back up. [...] Is there anyone of you talented programmers reading this thread that would be interested in making this a feature of BSplayer?
:shock: I'd love to see the programmers' reaction to that one. In truth -- and according to my severely limited programming experience -- this is doable. I'm just not sure that anybody would bother, frankly.

I'm not against freedom of speech
Just against the expression of such speech, it seems. Free speech is great as long as no one says what you don't like. I don't mean to offend, but that's what it sounds like over here. Sorry to be off-topic, but I just had to add a comment or two.

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