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Some valid points... But hey come on, more than 20% of Americans can read, I can even write somewhat! I can only speak for myself, but I know plenty who share my opinion. I like action movies where stuff blows up, I have a killer home theater on my big screen in my den, and I have a really nice set of speakers on my computer too. There is already technology available, called "TV Guardian" that will do what I want it to, but I'm not aware of anything for the PC. Society as a whole is slowly going further and further down in the gutter. The real world people I associate with don't go around spitting foul language out constantly, not everyone's "doing it". I don't even consider being foul mouthed the norm. And while I agree the whole concept of this word being bad and this word not being bad is rather stupid, and I don't know who gets the decision of what is foul and what is not (The FCC it appears), but being foul mouthed is a sign of stupidity to me. It tells me you can think of any sophisticated to say, so you just spout profanity filling in all the gaps. Unfortunately, the action genre of movies I like so much is getting more and more unnecessarily profane, and I'd like an "out" without abandoning these movies all together. Is anyone interested in adding this feature to BSPlayer? Unfortunately for this instance, I am no programmer :(
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