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Originally Posted by neato713
i think if you are a good enough writer you dont have to cuss or have strippers to make a movie that people want to watch. [...] my point is that people dont curse in movies for some 'artistic effect' or what not.
1. People curse in the real world.
2. Movie dialogue (with obvious exceptions, like historical or fantasy films) generally tries to be representative of modern speech patterns for some semblance of realism.
3. Thus, movies will have some amount of cursing, see, if they want to accurately represent modern people.

Now, I'm not saying every movie should be full of profanity. And yes, it can be overdone or used to cover weak writing. But lumping all profanity or sexuality under the category of inappropriate sensationalism is unrealistic and terribly close-minded. Some people curse, others don't. So in movies, some people should curse, others shouldn't. Sometimes expletives do say it best.
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