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Default HWmaker v2.0 Final is out!!!

Finally, HWmaker v2.0F is finished! :D
The changelog is bigger than ever and I'm sure that it will surprise you! :P

Download HWmaker v2.0 Final in this page:

Note that there are two versions (Installer & Zip).
The installer contains everything (cdrdao-burning software, filters pack).

+ The launcher now auto-detects the extras and then it auto-arrange them!
+ The movie's description can now be auto-scrolled!
* The launcher now checks whether BSplayer is loaded or not.
* If there was no ini/bsi, the launcher'd been always loading BSplayer 0.8x. Fixed.
* The launcher sometimes displayed wrong message about the existance of DivX/Xvid. Fixed.
+ Updated for the latest built of BSplayer (808).
+ Media Player Classic is now supported through BSplayer's ini files!!!
+ Support for Matroska, Ogg Vorbis, Flash, Real and Quicktime media.
+ Support for decrypted .vob files (useful for playback DVDs with text based subtitles)!
+ BSplayer function is used for shuting down the PC, when BSplayer is selected.
+ Added the following features for BSplayer in ini files: desktop mode, hide options.
+ Added option for automatic transfer of the files.
+ Added embedded "Burning" capability in maker (CDRDAO)!
+ The Filters Pack is updated!

+ HWmaker can now make compatible ini files for media player classic!
+ Re-arranged the speedbuttons in maker, in order to be more practical.
+ HWmaker can now copy the movie's information for you.
+ HWmaker can now copy the movie banner for you.
+ Added a cool DivX-XviD cover for the above function!
+ Capability of opening MicroDVD *ini files and converting them into BSplayer ini files!
* The "copy" function was defective. Fixed!
* Fixed some bugs which appeared due to changed filename.
* The "Resolution" option has been enterily re-coded.
* HWmaker now remembers if you don't use HWlauncher.
* The skins and languages were always gotten from BSplayer v1 path. Fixed.
* Some other bug fixes in maker.
- No check for valid ini if the option "Always do a preview test before saving" isn't checked.
- No Autorun.inf for the 2nd+ cd.
- Not possible to copy the necessary filters without copying the player's files.
+ Major update in Help Contents.
+ The language system has changed in HWmaker (.lng files are used like BSplayer)!
+ Support for three new languages! Thanks goes to Adicoto (Romanian), Vitalis (Ukranian) and Bscd (Finnish).
+ Minor improvements and cosmetic changes in HWmaker & HWlauncher.

Enjoy!! :)

P.S: If you want to use MPClassic, download it and copy it into the folder "..\HWmaker\Media Player Classic".
Please read BSPeter's Help2Help topic
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