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Default Bugs in build 809


I've tested the latest version, there are bugs still present... but we're not far from the perfection ;)

when using a movie on multiple cds :
- the settings of the current subtitle displayed is not remembered when switching cd
- the starttime feature in the bsi file doesn't work in the subtitle part (it start from the begining again when it switch to second cd), it doesn't work even if we start directly from second cd...

i've make a quick test, so that's what i saw...

Why, when you switch to fullscreen using 'F', BSplayer dosen't keep the ratio for everything displayed ?
I mean, the video is enlarge, but the font isn't, the chapter thumbnail aren't, but also the OSD message... I think it's stupid 'cause i'm making bsi files with font size, and i make my chapter thumbnail with a particular size, and when i switch to fullscreen, all that work is loose because the ratio isn't keep... too bad :(

ChapMaker, IniMaker
find them at :)
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