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Default Playing .DAT files (i.e. SVCD's)

Before BSPlayer version .809, I would be able to play DAT files from SVCD's perfectly on my computer (with the help of k-lite codec pack, which I believe has an mpeg-2 decoder). Now I get an error message when trying to play this file that says "Unknown file format ()", then the next error message after clicking ok says "BSPlayer v1.00.809, Unhandled exception at EIP: 0044D5FB
If you click 'Close' application will be terminated.
Please report this info to the author with description what were you doing.
Access violation at address 0044D5FB in module 'bsplayer.exe'. Read of address 00000044
, 0x00501F87, 0x00502185, 0x004539FB, 0x0044AD46, 0x77D43A50, 0x77D43B1F, 0x77D43D79, 0x77D44374, 0x005039C3, 0x77E814C7" and the final error message after clicking continue reads "Bytes at EIP: F6 43 44 08 74 19 89 93 50 02 00 00 A0 24 D6 44 00 0A ". If you click continue again (instead of close) and the click play in BSPlayer, the file will eventually play in an ActiveMovie Window, which doesn't have the functionality of a regular BSPlayer window (can't go full-screen, can't maximize minimize, can't change aspect ratio, etc.). I hope you guys can address this problem in the next version and hopefully BSPlayer will play DAT files like it used to.
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