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Default perfect player (

well i`m lookin for an perfect player, that`s nearlly not avaible so i decided give a few sugestions of how to improve one that seems closer to be perfect

1) playlist : i knwo u guys are workin on it, so a sugestion , cause i dunno if this is a bug or what, each time u'r there watchin then u double click an item bum, video comes over playlist then u have to slect video then playlist back

2) playlist again : media libraries are gettin each more comom, but mainly the all sux in when it's bout updating the hdd files, i think somethin like a library on playlist would be interst, like u add folders and it shows the files from those folders, wit an update button in case of change, similar to the fileshare system of utatane ( an peer2peer share app, seems to be very simple thing to built for me - let's remember i know 0 of programation things ), if u guys intersted on check it to know better what i talk bout juz post an reply and i post an url to download it

3) the app starts to blink on task bar when a new file opens ( this ius not a bug but an option to disable/enable would be very good and usefull )

4) asian languages : it seems to not have any suport of displayin my japanese filanames
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