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Default PLEASE help!

ok, to state first off, i am NOT very knowledgable about video stuff. i do not have a seperate video crad, mine is integrated onto the motherboard. my problem is i was using .085 build 488, and everything was fine. that's when i had win98SE. i upgraded (?) to win2k pro SP3, and bsplayer will NOT work now. build 488, 490, 492... nada. i consistently get "overlay failed", "cannot render graphics (something), switching to RGB mode", then the video either plays, or i get a LONG error- essentially to "notify the author", and "bsplay.exe has generated errors and must be closed", which of course it then closes. when i was on win98SE, i had nimo codecs build 7.95 (or whatever it was, the version before the latest version installed, divx bundle 5.02, windows media player 6.4 ( i think) as well as quicktime and realplayer. everything worked ok. now, those work but bsplayer will NOT work, regardless of the version. i'm sorry i cannot provide more info, but that's about all i can tell you. i have tried both overlay modes, even no overlay. even with no overlay, i still get the overlay failed error message. PLEASE, can SOMEONE help me with this?
the only differences i have now other than operating system is the nimo codecs build is 8 (current version)- i tried bsplayer with nimo installed and w/o, same problems. the version of windows media player i have now is 7.1, instead of 6.4. umm, no realplayer installed at the moment, or divx bundle either. just quicktime 6 is all. winamp too, same version as before tho. i CANNOT figure out why it is doing this. i have another comp running XP home and it works fine, but it will not work, almost at all, on win2k pro SP3. anyone?
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