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Originally Posted by otma1918
i would be more than happy to post that info, if you can tell me where to even begin finding it.
usually motherboard's manufacturer and model are shown at the top-left corner of the screen at boottime
In any case, there's a serial number at the bottom-left corner which contains at least your chipset's ID (well at least the one the BIOS think it is)
with a celeron 366, I'd bet it's a 440EX/LX

there's a utility that allows you to see these infos without having to reboot. it's called biosagent, you can find it on
it will give you amongst other things the number of your motherboard (e.g. MS7090S) with which you can search for more infos (+ drivers if you're lucky) using google

Originally Posted by otma1918
366 mHz processor, intel celeron, integrated sound also, i use pc 100 sdram memory so i would assume the front bus speed is 100 (like i said not sure)
I'd say it's more probably around 66MHz ;) 366MHz celerons can be very easily overclocked to 460 only by changing FSB to 83MHz (did that for mine, temperature does not ever go upper 31°C... too sad my motherboard can't set FSB to 100MHz )
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