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Default BSP_GetFileName and the OSD


first of all great player!

I'm currently trying to write a little BSPlayer2Mirc-thingie for myself and so far displaying movielength, current position and player-version is working but getting the filename still doesn't somehow. I've looked through the forum but didn't find a solution.

I mainly used the code from the SDK:

HWND bsp_hand = FindWindow("BSPlayer",NULL);


char buf[MAX_PATH];
void *adr;


strcpy(data, buf);

Problem is all I get in buf (and data) are strange I-like chars as if buf would still be uninitialized. The whole thing is a function within a DLL.
Any ideas what could be wrong? :/

And there's something else: is it possible to message the OSD any text to display? I'd like to display lines from an IRC-chan in the player so watching in fullscreen wouldn't result in missing stuff. ;) I already did that with DScaler an got kinda used to it. ;)

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