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yoyoyo ladies et gentlemen,

everything is so strange today.
let me explain: I have been working in a bizzarely describable environment these last days. This implied *unattended* full-scale paranoia.

Why may you be wondering ?

Well well well.

Ecology is no longer a matter of selfish opinion, nor hyppiest thoughts of all. Ecology is part of today's overwhelming coolness. Today's coolness had smthing to do with entertaining. Entertainment definitly has smthing to do with watching movies. And, must I state, watching movie has smthing to do with watching divx. And, and, and watching divx is bloody related to bsplayer.

And installing bsplayer really is dependent on the fact you use NSIS. Thanks to all for that tremendous tool by the way, thanks the world thanks mankind. They're just such guys, u know?

Do you have an exciting time right now reading this post ?
I doubt it.
Do you think the person who wrote that post must have been some kind of insane fellow, who really has nothing else interesting to do?
And, as a consequence, do you think this post really should be erased ?
But, as you kept on till that line, you in same place within you think this insult, that conterpoint to pragmatism, to non contingency of subjective determination has some legitimity. This man, for sure, is nuts BUT something fascinating emerges from his madness. Something transcendent.

Let us be modern, let us refuse simplicity. Let us be brave, let us use Modern UIs. Let us like opensource.

This post is an appeal, mates. This posts is a key post, a key set of words in the for-now short history of Humanity.

This post demands participation, so do participate. This is time for mind expansion. This is time to forget your non stop being blas?©.

This call may be a sucess, or not. To your advantage, whatever happens. This is Your responsability, not mine any longer.
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