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To be honest : I'm new to this dll thing myself and I'm not so good a coder.
Fortunately for me BSPlayer is well documented, so I managed to get my things working.

I have the feeling that you are writing a plugin for Mirc.
(unlike me : I wrote a plugin for BSplayer)
So the answer will be in the Mirc documentation.

I suppose both Mirc and your plugin will have a (different) handle.

I'll explain you how I did mine, maybe that will help you in a way.
Take another look at the sampleplugin.

In the bspplg.h you will notice there is a structure called pluginInfo.
In that structure there is a HWND called hwndParent and that is the one I need. So to get the name of the file I call :

SendMessage(bsp_hand,WM_COPYDATA, pInfo->hwndParent,(LPARAM)&cds)

Try and see if you find something similar in the Mirc SDK.
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