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Default Need help with remember movie window size

I've searched earlier threads in the forum but couldn't really find a solution for my problem so here it goes.

I'm using TVTool and whenever I switch to TV mode with 800x600 fullscreen and put on a movie few centimeters of the actually image is outside of the tv borders so I've been using resize and move to center it on the tv screen.

Now I would like the player to remember the settings so I don't have to move and resize each time I watch a movie. This has been working for in version and I've tried to upgrade the player like 5+ times but I can't get this "effect" to work with newer versions of the player.

Now I have downloaded the newest version 1.0 build 810 and I've moved and resized the movie window and if I open another movie with the same resolution it works like a charm until I close the player and start it again. (Then I have to do the move / resize all over again.)

So I guess my question is have I forgot to tick some other option besides remember movie window size? Where is the information stored about the resolutions and the positions?


-- Rascal
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